A bit of Background…

I guess I started getting in to Healthy Eating when I was about 15, my Mam had just done a Fitness Instructor course and passed on some details of anatomy to me, some of it freaked me out a bit, but the 1st step I took was to give up red meat, after a year I became a full on Vegetarian (no fish, Gelatin etc), through this diet I learned a lot about new foods, making foods from scratch and tips from Vegan and Raw food diets, I did enjoy being a vegetarian but sometimes felt quite limited especially when eating out, I was always researching websites and recipes to keep the diet exciting and really learned a lot or stuff that I still swear by today.

After 9 years I started to feel run down all the time, I had put on weight (over a stone) and just didn’t feel healthy. After a blood test it was discovered I had a B12 deficiency and had to get injections weekly. This was certainly not fun and was a huge cost. The injections started to work and I got more energy and started training at a local Gym, this was good to kickstart myself back in to healthy mode but I found attending a regular gym a bit of an effort and quite boring! It was then some friends introduced me to Crossfit, I found it really difficult at first but I loved the challenge and it was great training with friends. Anyone who trains Crossfit knows its high intensity and at this stage I had given up bread/grains etc so I was hungry all the time, tired again and just bored of being a veggie quite frankly, I had lost the stone I put on but I just felt being a vegetarian wasn’t for me anymore, so after 10 years I decided it was time to change my diet.

It wasn’t easy, it took months to get used to the idea of eating meat again, I know it sounds dramatic but I had to get used to the idea in my head first. I started off with some fish and then introduced chicken and then after that I was full on Cave woman.

I read The Paleo Diet book by Loren Cordain and found it really interesting, while I don’t personally believe in eating meat for every meal I do follow most of the points from the Paleo diet and find it works quite well for me as I have suffered with IBS. I am also highly interested in the Raw food and I still have one vegetarian day a week (for old time sake LOL) That kinds of brings me here, I love cooking, eating, discovering the healthiest food available to us and this is why I created this blog, if you need help with recipes or finding unusual ingredients, inspiration or if you want to share recipes etc with me then this is a place we can share this so you don’t have to feel like the weird one on a strange diet, anyway weird people are more interesting!! 🙂 Hope you enjoy my blog xx


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