Gluten Free Pancakes

This is a great recipe for the weekend when you have a bit of extra time to prepare something different. Image

So the first thing to do is to make you batter, we used 4 eggs and about 2 cups of gluten free flour, whisk this together with a splash of coconut milk and whisk until you get a smooth batter with no lumps.

To make the berry Compote I used frozen berries (but fresh berries are just as good) In my pot I put a table spoon of coconut oil and when this melted I added 2 cups of the mixed berries and cooked over a high heat, I then added a tablespoon of Honey and a splash of water and put back on the heat, don’t let the mixture boil so you may need to take it off the heat as it cooks, keep swirling the mixture around to make sure it doesn’t stick.Image

Lightly oil a heavy frying pan-I used coconut oil to cook but butter works well also.

Put a good tablespoon of batter into the hot pan, rolling it around to cover the surface.Cook until golden then turn over and cook on the other side.

Serve warm with any of your favourite toppings, we have used the berry compote & organic maple syrup. The pic below was our 1st attempt so was a bit too thick, its better to have them as thin as possible. Enjoy 🙂 🙂Image


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