Confessions of a Chocoholic Part 1.


So my sugar detox was going well all week- I knew it would prove difficult when I went with my boyfriend on a 2 day break to Co. Galway and not to mention coming home in time for Easter, but I was determined to stay strong and I did until we discovered a small cafe selling handmade Irish fudge, I tried to stay strong but when the lady working there asked me if I wanted to taste any, that was it! I ended up getting 4 large chunks: Mint Chocolate/Orange Chocolate/Vanilla Chocolate & Caramel Chocolate- Yep Chocolate Galore!!! The chocolate monster inside me was very happy!! This fudge is unbelievable, if I was going to fail I am happy that it was with this delightful goodness, I managed to make it last over the whole weekend, But I’m happy its finally all gone so I can now get back on track.

I’ll say goodbye to the Chocolate Monster for now!!!


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