Tuesdays WOD: The Aftermath


So there was a nice little surprise waiting for us when we got to the BOX, the WOD had changed-In place of Deadlifts there was 15 kettlebell swings  AND……. 3 Burpees every minute! Oh dear this was a Met Con alright, in all its glory!! Suddenly I get a bit nervous lol don’t know why but sometimes I get butterflies before a Wod especially when Burpees are involved!!

For the HBBS (The High Bar Back Squat) I managed 55kgs this was 5kg higher than last week so I’m happy with that.

For the Wod I used a 14 pound Wall Ball/ 12kg Kettle bell/ band for pull ups- I scaled a bit as I’m back after a significant break so want to take my time with everything and avoid any injuries.

This was a tough 13 mins but I managed 4 rounds & 7 Wallballs, I had 4 in my head as a goal so I’m glad I got to that! I thought I’d struggle with the Wall Balls but I had the most success with these,I lacked consistency in my pull ups so I know I need to work on these.

Onwards & Upwards 🙂 🙂

Todays WOD:

3×5 heaviest possible

12 MIN amrap

9 wallballs, 12 pull ups, 15 KBS

3 Burpees every minute



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