Gluten Free Discoveries.

When on holiday I like to try stick to a healthy diet although its quite difficult!! But even with bad food there can be healthier choices.  

When we found out there was a new artisan pizza kitchen at the hotel I knew we had to try it.  The pizzas were cooked in a pizza oven, shipped specially from Naples, so it was silly to avoid it really!! I chose the Gluten free option, I have never tasted gluten free pizza before & it was really delicious. Super thin & perfectly crispy! So if you around the Barna area in Galway I would advise checking out “Pizza Dozzina” at The Twelve hotel!Image


Another Gluten free find was in a Supervalu store close to the Hotel- These were tasty gluten & wheat free crackers by the award winning ” Foods Of Athenry” company and they were perfect with some organic hummus. The perfect food for a Road Trip!! 


So there you go, you sometimes find the nicest things when your not even looking!!




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