Tuesdays WOD: Onwards & upwards

Tuesdays WOD: Onwards & upwards

Every 30 secs for 5 mins ;
do 1 set of strict pull ups (pick a number you can maintain for 10 rounds)

Met con

10 min amrap

21 double unders
15 squats
9 push press @ 45/30

So Tuesdays class started with skill-we worked on scrict pull ups, I did 1 every 30 seconds, on 2 of these I didnt make it over the bar which was frustrating, I have noted this & will work harder on pull ups!!

My goal for the WOD was to RX-which I did, using the 30kg bar for the Push Press I found it quite difficult as I did more rounds, the first 3 I could do with no breaks and then the last 2 I had to do 3×3 reps.

I got to 6 rounds & 17 double unders- I had set 5 in my head so I was happy to get past that.

I’m having a day off today so I will post again on Thursday 🙂 🙂


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