Wednesdays Workout!


I think I train better when I’m cranky, its like my brain knows that if its pushes my body to the limit the crankiness will fade away (and it always does!!) The reason I love exercise so much is the feeling I get afterwards- the rush of endorphins & the feeling of wellbeing. The reason I love Crossfit so much is it gives me the ability to push myself to limits I never even dreamed of getting to, I know this is only the beginning, there is so much more I want to achieve but I find comfort knowing that if I am as fit as I can be then I can take on anything.

Todays WOD:


Front squat 5×2 across

Met Con-

5 rounds for time- 10 push ups, 5 burpee box jumps 24/20

For the front squat I hit a PR of 50kg, my previous front squat was 45kg so I am delighted I have moved up with that. Doing the 5 rounds x 2 reps with this weight proved difficult, but with 1-2 minute breaks between each one I got there in the end.

The WOD looked easy on paper but the combination of the push ups & burpees made my arms stop working a few times, the front squats probably added to this however I got a time of 6.14.

Eating quickly after a tough training session is so important to me, my body cries out for food & my sugar levels tend to drop easily.

My fuel this evening was: Chili & lime baked Salmon with a Black Pepper Crust, Boiled & Baked Sweet Potato & Buttered Spinach.

Night Night xx



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