Named and Shamed: Starbucks!

ImageI would usually try to avoid Starbucks as I prefer Independent Coffee shops but the closest coffee shop to my job was Starbucks, I was shocked to see that they charge an extra 60c for those who require soy milk!! I’m in no way frugal but their coffee is pretty expensive in the 1st place so this could bring someones daily coffee up to €4 depending on their choice, This really annoyed me, my usual coffee is a black americano so I could avoid this but what if someone is allergic to dairy or vegan they have to pay extra for this! Not one to give out in silence I wrote them an email highlighting this as I really felt it was unfair, in my email I also added the fact that soy milk was just as cheap as “dairy milk” these days so they couldn’t say it was the cost (they did)

I thought I would share this & see what you think. I’m happy to say I found an Independent coffee shop & use them daily 🙂 🙂

Dear Aimee,

Thank you for taking the time to contact Starbucks Coffee Company.

We appreciate you sharing your feedback about our ‘add soy’ milk charge.

Customers purchasing beverages from our store can enjoy a splash of soy milk at no extra charge, with tea or filter coffee for example. However, due to its fairly low consumption, extra wastage occurs when preparing steamed soy milk for certain drinks, such as a latte or hot chocolate. This, coupled with the extra cost of purchasing soy milk, is why we add a further charge.

Our pricing structure is subject to regular review and I will share your comments with our trading team responsible for pricing policies.

They sent me 2 vouchers for free coffee as a gesture of goodwill!!


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