Wheyhey- Protein Ice-Cream Review


When I saw there was a Whey Protein Ice Cream, I knew I had to try it! Its not easy to make a healthy ice cream but this is sugar free, gluten free & there are no artificial flavourings in it. Obviously I wouldn’t recommend this for everyday consumption or use it as a protein substitute but it would make a good “cheat” meal or a good alternative to other high sugar treats.

Lets look at its Nutritional Value- I Have to say I’m surprised at how much protein is packed into such a small tub!!

Nutritional Info Per 100ml:
 125 kcals (Differs for other flavours)
4.5g Fat
5g Carbs
15g Protein
Pretty crazy right!! You just feel the guilt melt away 🙂
Taste test:
I know what your all thinking- With all the bad stuff taken out it must taste pretty bland or with Whey Protein in it, it must be powdery- Its not, its really yummy.
I tried 2 flavours “Strawberry and Chocolate” – Strawberry was not to my taste, I wouldn’t say it was bad but I found it a bit sickly. But the Chocolate really surprised me, I’m usually more of a Vanilla girl but this was delicious, the texture and constituency was like any other high quality Chocolate Ice Cream and it was full of flavour and super creamy.
I would never have guessed that this was sugar/gluten free and packed with Protein, so 2 thumbs up for that one 🙂 They also have a vanilla flavour which I would like to try in the future.
They come in cute little pots and have a spoon in the lid for convenience, a 150ml tub retails for €2.95 which is not cheap but when you compare to a Magnum which is about €2.50, at least you know you are getting a healthier natural product.
I try to avoid dairy, so this isn’t something I would buy all the time but on a sunny day I would choose this product over the calorific alternatives. (Maybe they can try a dairy free version!!)
The ice-cream is available in Body First Nutrition a great Health Food/Supplement Shop located in Clontarf.

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