ImageI love stumbling along little jems when I’m away from home, this weekend we were down in Cork & came across a cute little tea shop- Pure Tea Cork, it is fully stocked with a massive(over 100) selection of beautiful Organic loose tea.

I lost myself in the smells of the nostalgic Strawberry & cream to the seasonal Cocoa Orange Chai, but don’t expect the norm they have the most unique tea selection I have ever seen. I was literally like a Kid in a sweet shop unsure which to try but made a decision on the “Good Digestion Tea“- Which is a blend of peppermint tea, camomile, aniseed, cumin & mallow flowers, this is a caffeine free tea perfect for after a meal or relaxing in the evening before bed as the camomile really works to calm the body & deplete any stress you may have.

The 2nd Tea was: Orange Pu-ErhPu-erh tea is a fermented dark tea produced in China. which has been know to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure & aid weight loss. But my reason for choosing this tea is because it has major antioxidant properties and I need a replacement to my daily coffee and while this tea still has caffeine in it, its not as much as coffee. Pu-erh tea can have a strong wood/earth like taste but the orange in this tea is so refreshing, its would be enjoyed cold also.

It was so hard to choose just 2 teas out of the amazing selection in the shop but I was delighted to find out they have a delivery service which delivers free worldwide so I’ll be able to try more as I please 🙂 🙂

The staff are extremely friendly and gave me some samples which I cant wait to try!!


Link: http://www.pureteacork.com/


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