Some more Gluten free finds!!


It was at the Bloom Festival that I met Jane Russell & was delighted to see the excellent range of Gluten Free Sausages Jane had to offer, the great thing about the Gluten Free Bratwurst is it’s an all-meat sausage made without adding any cereal and 96% prime, fresh Irish pork. They have really mastered the art of this as unlike other Gluten Free Sausages these weren’t at all dry, they stayed juicy and meaty. My weekend fry just got upgraded 100%!!!

The other pack are marketed as dinner sausages, I purchased the French inspired “Roast Garlic & Red wine” flavour and they were incredible, from the moment the sausages hit the pan, my kitchen was bursting with succulent aromas!! I was even more surprised that the meat content was equally as high in these. I served these up with some mashed sweet potato for a more grown up version of Bangers & Mash.

I reckon these will be the only sausages I’ll be buying in future!!

See if you can buy some near you:


The 2nd find this weekend was a delicious alcoholic (gluten free) Ginger Beer- Hollows & Fentimans, this is the perfect drink to enjoy on a summers day or at a BBQ. Brewed using only the finest Chinese ginger root, there is no wine, nuts, hops, barley or anything else artificial added, it is a really light, enjoyable drink and I reckon it would also work well in a cocktail.

Available: Martins Office License Fairview/ Cheers Off License


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