Back on track!!

Sorry for the huge delay in posting anything, I was away for 10 days in Barcelona & Ibiza and I used this as a time to pull my self away from the Internet world!! Now to fill you in on how it went 🙂 I’m not gonna lie- I went carb crazy lol, Spain is know for it’s breads, meats and cheeses and I really went all out with this!! I ate most things I never would here- breads, potatoes, pizza, rice etc but as it was so hot I did eat a lot less and ate a heap of fruit every day, it’s so delicious there especially the melons, cherries and peaches.
For anyone with allergies especially those who are celiac I think it could be quite hard as most options have bread included. In Barcelona we stumbled across a really cool vegetarian restaurant that served Gluten Free Pizza, I was so happy to see this and also had one of the best salads I’ve ever had , but I think that was down to me being excited to finally have some leaves again!!
Another salad I had a couple of times was a Caprese salad with Avocado which was also a welcome change from the breads & croissants! I also tried Octopus for the first time and loved it, even though the sight of the suckers freaked me out a bit!!!
In Ibiza there is a cafe called Passion which serves raw foods, super food salads and healthy smoothies but as yummy and healthy it is, it comes at a price with some smoothies ranging from €7-€8.50 Yikes!! In that type of heat my appetite goes AWOL & then all of a sudden I am famished, which would have me eating everything in sight ha ha!! But I think with all the swimming and walking I did, my body was craving these carbs or maybe because I was on holiday I let my guard down(which is not always a bad thing)
Now that I’m home I’m ready to get back on track, train hard & eat well!!
(Pics below are from Barcelona only)






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