Post-workout nutrition

I’m one of those people who gets extremely”Hangry”


If I don’t eat immediately after training or even when I leave a massive gap between meals, I go all “Incredible Hulk or Jekyll and Hyde” what ever you want to call it, it’s not me! So because of this I’ve developed a cure- its called “Really Quick Dinners” Most of these dinners can be made super quick, are perfect for post training as they are high in protein & low in carbs. Here’s a few examples:


Salmon with salted asparagus & fried egg


lamb with homemade mint sauce & moroccan roasted cauliflower


Bacon & roasted cashew salad


High Protein Salad


Paleo fish-cakes


Sirloin Steak with homemade garlic & rosemary butter, garlic mushrooms, shredded beetroot & feta salad (leftover asparagus)

  • Tip: Make food in bulk so you can use half for dinner & put the other half in a lunchbox for lunch/dinner the following day.

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