Hard Work Pays Off!!


I couldn’t tell you how much weight I’ve lost or how many inches I’ve taken off my hips because I don’t know! I don’t believe in obsessing about these things as it’s not good for the mind, I put the work in to be the healthiest and fittest I can be!


I’ve been with Ronin CrossFit on & off since 2010 but January 2013 is when I hit the accelerator and started putting the work in. I usually go about 4 days a week and have been focusing a lot on the gymnastics side of things rather than the weightlifting but going forward I will combine the 2 again and get myself ready for some competitions 🙂

I hit some PR’s(Personal Records) this months aswell- Thanks to my Legendary Fitness Family @ Ronin pushing me on!!

-77.5KG High Bar Back Squat
-105KG Deadlift
-5 minutes 41secs Baseline (500m Row, 40 Squats,30 Sit-ups,20 Push-ups, 10 Pull-ups)

Really happy to see myself progressing, it shows the hard work does pay off!


Now onto the diet side of things, as you all know my Vegetarian days are well and truly over (still can’t believe I thought Quorn tasted like Chicken!!)

I wouldn’t say I’m strict anything, I am inspired by the Paleo, Raw food & Gluten Free diets but I include Greek Yogurt, some cheese, dark chocolate in my diet aswell.

People say diets make your miserable & I agree, if you cut everything out and live on air then yes, you are going to be miserable, you will lose weight but it will creep back on super quick and make it harder again down the line when you want to lose it all over again.

The truth is there is no quick fix or diet pill that will work, make a lifestyle change, eat well 80% of the time and make time to enjoy yourself 20% of the time.It may take a bit longer, but your body will change and you won’t feel like your missing out!

Don’t beat yourself up if you turn in to a junk food monster for a day, get back on track the next day and continue eating well and exercising!!

That’s my view on it anyway but obviously do what’s right for you & listen to your body 🙂 🙂

(Pictures above were taken 7 months apart)


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