Healthy Low-Cost Meals

Hello there 🙂

People say eating healthy is really expensive, once you start adding all the different oils, nuts and extra bits- the cost definitely does go up. It’s not a valid excuse to avoid eating healthy though, there are definitely cheap healthy options out there, This week I’m going to share with you some cheap & easy meals and meals that last for more than one sitting!

First on the list is: Turkey Patties

I got a packet of these in the Butchers in the Artane Castle, they are pure Turkey Breast and only seasoned with sea salt. They are €4.99 for 4 and below I have the alternative meals I used them for.

The 1st was breakfast with 2 boiled eggs, it was a nice change from my usual breakfast and they are great as they cook in about 4 mins, perfect for a busy morning 🙂


Then for Lunch I used one sliced up in a Bfree Gluten Free Wrap with Rocket, Relish and Feta Cheese, very simple but packed full of flavour!


I ate one as a snack but didn’t take a picture of that one & this morning I ate the last one for Breakfast with half an Avocado with a bit of feta, extra virgin olive oil & black pepper.


Perfect quick healthy meals 🙂


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