Chopped on Baggot Street


In a nutshell “Chopped” is like a sweet shop for those who like the healthier things in life, Yes I did say sweet shop & healthy in the same sentence But this is not the sugar kind!! Chopped have a wonderful array of fresh healthy produce, it got me very excited I have to say, they have a salad menu but you can also make your own, with a rainbow of produce jumping out at you it can be easy to get carried away (I did)

So you choose the leaves 1st & there is a whole garden here to choose from I chose Spinach, then I made a salad with spiced chicken breast, Bacon, avocado, beetroot, red onion, boiled egg and balsamic vinaigrette, the fun part is the bowl gets loaded up and then passed to the “chopping” section and they spill the contents on to a board and chop everything together, then it gets mixed up with a dressing of your choice and back into the take away salad bowl , I think this is genius as there is nothing worse than a salad where all the meat is at the top & you are only left with leaves at the bottom!

The total of my salad was just over €8, a bit more than normal but I had lots of extras, a full chicken breast was included in this and I couldn’t even eat the full salad for lunch so I don’t think it’s too bad!

They also do daily specials so check their site before you go in!

Today I tried their “Aromatic Turkey Chop” salad, this was one off their menu but I added avocado ( of course lol) and it was really yummy- I chose Spinach again and this included: Turkey, Orange Segments,Spring Onion,Crispy Bacon & I had the balsamic vinaigrette dressing again, this one came to about €7- again the salads are huge so for the price they’re not too bad!

I’ m really happy to have tried this place & it’s great to see such a Paleo friendly company in Dublin, there is always a day where you didn’t get a chance to make your lunch and with places liked this available it means you can still grab some healthy food with no stress!

Top marks 🙂


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