Review: The Naked Ape


I imagine most of you are curious to know who & what is The Naked Ape??? Well its a natural healthy high protein snack made from biltong (dried meat) dried fruits, nuts and seeds- Perfect for those following a Paleo/High Protein diet!

After 10 years of living a very strict Vegetarian diet I never thought I would be sitting down eating a packet of dried meat, sorry to let all the Veggies down but I wont be converting back anytime soon, especially not after trying this product!!

Biltong is an acquired taste and some people I shared it with didn’t like it, but I loved it which kind of surprised me but I have a friend who makes his own and I had tried beef and venison jerky so maybe I had acquired the taste for it already.

The Naked ape combine the Biltong with succulent dried fruits and wholesome nuts with absolutely no preservatives or chemicals, they are vacuum packed which makes them great for transportation, whether it’s throwing it in your bag for a snack during the day or getting on a flight. The only thing is I wish the packet was ziplocked as I didn’t always finish the packet (but some of you Primal Warriors might not have that problem)

The flavours that I tasted were:

  • JUST BILTONG-the name reads, this was “Just Biltong” on its own, it was nice to get a taste of the meat on its own and it was so succulent-Great for a Protein hit!
  • CHERRY COCO Fresh Biltong, Dried Cherries and Flaked Coconut- This was my second favourite flavour,the flavours are pretty simple here but work really well together.
  • POWER PACKFresh Biltong, Raw Almonds, Sultanas, Cherries and Goji Berries– As I don’t like sultanas this was my least favourite, but is packed with nuts and fruits so like a mini meal!
  • THE NUTTER– Fresh Biltong, Dried Cherries, Dried Blueberries, Raw almonds and Pecan Nuts– Packed with antioxidants, great post workout as your getting all your required nutrients.
  • MANGO MADNESS–  Fresh Biltong, Raw Walnuts, Cranberries, Dried Mango and Pumpkin Seeds- OMG!!!! This flavour combination was incredible and was by far my favourite, I inhaled this packet in a couple of minutes, the sweetness of the mango and cranberries along with the saltiness of the biltong works so well and some added nuts and seeds for texture, it was the perfect snack!!

I love the ethos of this company, so many of our snacks today are loaded with extra preservatives and chemicals that are unnecessary, we need to be snacking on real whole foods and not the cheap convenience food that are pushed in our faces in supermarkets and that it what The Naked Ape are giving us, its convenience food but with nothing added, you get your fats/carbs and protein when you really need it.

If you feel like trying it, Check out their website:


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