Bunsen Burger-Dublin 2


I’m the type of person who over complicates a menu, I make my decision, change it 5 or 6 times and then confuse myself and order the wrong thing-I have a complex about making decisions (maybe that’s why I’ve made so many bad one’s ha ha!!)

Bunsen Burger made this issue easy for me, they make burgers and chips and nothing else, the menu is on a business card so one glance and you’re good to go-Great for the “Hangry” people out there! All burgers come with all the toppings and you can have a single or double burger. The great news is they have a gluten free version for 50c extra or a “paleo” option which is wrapped in lettuce.

I went for the Paleo option and because I was losing the bread it was a double hamburger for me and sweet potato fries (big surprise there :p) They cook each burger to order so you can specify how you like your meat cooked, medium rare was my choice!

photo (1)

Served up in fast food style, this is far from fast food, these guys have done their research and they have perfected the hamburger, the meat used is top quality and was cooked to perfection, lots of juices and really succulent (if you do get one with a bun be ready to get messy, I seen a few disasters- this maybe not the place for a first date ha ha!!)

The sweet potato fries were lovely and crispy but they may be coated in flour- so just ask incase of allergies. I love that even with such a simple menu they manage to cater for lots of different requirements.

Its not the cheapest place out there but makes a great treat and they also serve beer and wine, so would be a good place to start a night out.

So we had a burger each, fries, glass of wine and a beer, the total came to:

photo (2)

I really enjoyed Bunsen Burger and its great to see another company giving the public healthy options, I will definitely be back!!


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