Staple Foods-Merchants Arch, Dublin 2


I ran out the door yesterday without taking a lunch, not clever when you’ve gone “squeaky clean paleo” for the month of January. I really wasn’t in the mood to turn caveman and go hunting for some suitable grub, so I ask my friends for help, One suggested Staple Foods and my day was saved!

Tucked in to one of Ireland’s most famous walkways is a cosy snug serving up healthy whole foods, they serve about 4 salads (hope I got that right?) which are completely Paleo friendly (well except for the falafal actually, but I will be trying this after the 4 weeks are up!!) I read in an article that they don’t have freezer and use only one fridge, that’s pretty impressive and its great to know that everything is made fresh daily.


I chose the “Pulled pork with beetroot, celery and apple slaw with rocket & spinach salad” It was perfect, all the flavours were well thought out and came together brilliantly, I got the large salad which was €7.50 and for the size, was great value. They also do a regular size for €5- again amazing value!!

It makes me so happy so see brilliant prices like this instead of overcharging the public for healthier options, if all companies took the same ethos then maybe more people would consider eating this way.

Staple Foods also serve delicious juices and have juice detox plans available.

I may be forgetting my lunch in future now 😉


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