Competition Time!!!


Firstly I want to Thank you all for supporting my Blog and hope you will continue to enjoy my posts and recipes. To give back to you all for being so wonderful I have teamed up with the amazing Naked Ape company to run my first competition!

Naked Ape produce Healthy High Protein paleo snacks aka Biltong, I was lucky enough to try their selection and was hugely impressed,

Their ethos is: We believe that a good balanced diet is essential for a healthy body and mind. Modern society is fast paced, placing huge demands on our time leading us to neglect our diets in favour of fast convenient meals. These are often packed full of unnatural and unnecessary preservatives and chemicals. Naked Ape gives you the same convenience and great taste but without all the other rubbish that our bodies just don’t need or appreciate.

Well I hope that got you hungry/curious/excited because I have a: “T-Bone starter pack” to give away, this includes:

1 x 75g Power Pack
1 x 75g Mango Madness
1 x 75g Nutter
1 x 75g Cherry Coco
1 x 50g Just Biltong

It’s a great chance to try something new!

So to enter the competition all you have to do is one or all of the following:

1. Like Primal Piggy Facebook page
2. Like Primal Piggy & Naked Ape Facebook Page
3. Share Primal Piggy page

Make sure to comment when you have done so I know who’s in!

Winner will be chosen on Friday 👍

Primal Piggy Facebook page:

The Naked Ape Facebook page:



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