Learning the importance of patience…



When I injured my shoulder back in November, I never anticipated that it would take months to heal. It was my first injury since I’d started Crossfit, so I had nothing to compare it to. It was painful and stopped me attempting anything overhead; Pull ups/ Overhead squats/ Snatch/ Thrusters-A massive chunk of the program. Inside I wanted to scream, get angry, cry but what was that going to do, patience was the only answer! The only problem is I don’t have any…..

I decided to focus on the areas I could use; front and back squats became my best friend, and since November I’ve added about 20KG to each. I went to an Osteopath who told me my rotator cuff was strained and I would need to rest out, definitely not music to my ears as the Crossfit Open was coming up. The CrossFit Open is the initial qualifying process to find the fittest athletes on earth to compete in the Reebok Crossfit Games. Every week for 5 weeks a WOD is announced and athletes must register their scores online, essentially entering them into the worldwide leaderboard. It creates an awesome buzz around the boxes and can also help you push yourself further than you ever imagined you could go.


But Primal Piggy was out, could patience really be the answer? I wondered whether I should just sign up and see what I could do, but decided against it. As much as it frustrated me, I was injured. I couldn’t risk being injured long term (Sigh) But instead of crying about it I decided to support my Fitness Family at Ronin Crossfit, what an inspiring bunch! From smashing the WODS with weights they’ve never used before to toes to bar (basically pull ups on steroids) when regular pulls ups couldn’t be done previously, it was great!

I was injured for so long that I forgot what it was like not to be injured, but after nearly 5 months of no overhead work, last week in the Olympic Weightlifting class I hit a 50kg clean & jerk. I was ecstatic when I jerked it overhead and felt no pain, the following week we worked on the Snatch/Overhead squats, that was a little more frustrating as I had forgotten a lot of the skill involved. Still, after a few Diva moments (sorry coach) I got the hang of it and was happy to reach 25kg. These last 2 weeks have been exciting but it’s been baby steps all the way. When the 1st open wod was announced 5 weeks ago, instead of the climbing power snatches I could only clean with 25kg. I didn’t do the middle 3 wods but as I felt capable enough today I attempted the big finale (21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of 30kg thrusters & Burpees.) If there was anything that would highlight an injury it’s thrusters, but I felt strong throughout. I finished in 16 minutes 44 seconds and I nearly fell out the door gasping for air- despite it all, it felt great to be back 🙂

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting-Joyce Meyers



2 thoughts on “Learning the importance of patience…

  1. Great post! I’m injured at the moment, and it’s so frustrating not being able to take part in the activities I normally would. I’ve been advised off everything that I usually do(no dragon boating, running, yoga,) so I completely understand the title of this post, and just how invigorating it must have been to return to your overheads. Thanks for making me realize that, although patience is a major pain in the ass right now (literally; thank you ruptured disc and compressed nerves,) it’s also a necessity! Congratulations on returning to the moves that you usually do!

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