Sauvage Restaurant-Berlin


Myself and my boyfriend Chris were holidaying in Berlin last week when we stumbled across this little gem. Stated as the world’s first paleo restaurant, I must say that I was excited/curious/interested to try it out! Barging in with giant smiles after a Weissbeer, we realised that the place could well be booked up (reservations are a must!). Thankfully, as we arrived early the lovely hostess could accommodate us for an hour and a half, just enough time to explore what the menu had to offer.


The restaurant is definitely striking – The huge Bison on the wall is particularly noticable. Rustic with an outdoorsy feel, with twigs for chandeliers and lots of candlelight creating the perfect atmosphere, we got comfortable quite quickly!


So onto the food; to start I ordered wild game bone broth, and Chris ordered the paleo breads and dips. The bone broth was pretty basic, a clear soup with some spring onion and mint; it tasted nutritious but not the most exciting of meals – the mint was definitely overpowering! The bread and dips were delicious. There was a selection of bread with three dips; (coconut) cream cheese, olive tapenade and a herb paste, accompanied by fermented vegetables and some bacon. This dish was executed perfectly – the lovely thick bread as the base, the creaminess of the dips and the sharpness of the veg – not to forget the bacon (because everything is better with bacon).


For the main course I ordered a boar burger which came on a cassava bun served with fermented ketchup and coriander mayonnaise. I chose the sweet potato mash with mango and coconut as my side dish. Chris ordered slow cooked mediterranean beef shank and a side of crispy raw salad with lime dressing. Usually we share dishes but I turned into a greedy monkey and wanted my burger all to myself as it was so good! The sumptuous boar was so succulent and really came to life with the accompanying dips. The cassava bun was light and crumbly, unlike anything I’ve ever tasted – I’d like to find a recipe for this as it’s something I would definitely enjoy again! Chris’s dish was also really good, a rustic meal with lots of flavour in the sauce, and the meat was beautifully tender. Sauvage have an excellent selection of organic and gluten free beers and wines, so we opted for a beer each!


With all good meals there must be a dessert, and as I was fit to explode by this stage we ordered one to share – a date and apple cake with a caramel topping. It finished off the meal perfectly – it was light yet comforting, and the whipped coconut cream was an excellent companion to it.

The damage: 2 starters, 2 mains, 2 beers and 1 dessert came to e55 including tip- not too bad in my opinion, but was the most expensive place we ate in over the weekend!

My verdict: “Savage” (sorry I couldn’t help myself!) – great concept, innovative food and excellent staff! I think you’ve succeeded when you can impress people who don’t strictly follow the paleo diet and they have done just that!

Happy Cave-Girl



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