Vanilla Cashew Butter


What a great start to the weekend, sun is shining, my Dad came over and sorted out my back garden (just in time for BBQ season) and I was on a mission making all sorts of culinary delights-I could not stop!! I am definitely a sun worshiper, my energy explodes when the sun comes out. But maybe this is because in Ireland when the sun comes out you don’t know how long it’s gonna last so you have to enjoy every second of it! (someone put a roof over Ireland already!! )

This is the easiest recipe ever, all it takes is one appliance and 2 ingredients!!


  • 200g Cashews
  • Tablespoon Vanilla extract

“Yep that’s it!!!”

1. Add cashews to a food processor and blend until it becomes a flour-like consistency.

2. Add vanilla and process until you get a creamy butter, add to a jar and enjoy!

You don’t get easier than that!! It tastes like a yummy fudge so you may just demolish the while thing from the jar….Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!


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