Seeking Perfection….

What advice would I give my 16 year old self? Hold your head up high and know that you are beautiful inside and out! As a teenager I was obsessed with being skinny, I hated all my clothes because I thought they made me look fat! Getting dressed in the morning was a massive ordeal and 700 outfits later I would be “somewhat” happy with my choice! My final choice would usually consist of something oversized and baggy-being 5 ft 4 I figured if I can’t be sexy I may as well be cute!

Yep-that's me at 16!

Yep-that’s me at 16!

I’m sure I am not the only woman who has experienced these emotions – Why do we feel this way? Why should we? Do all curvy women equate being skinny with success? Do all petite ladies think that curves are what their future husband/wife seeks? Of course not! The most amazing thing in the world is that no-one else can be you, you’re completely unique and we shouldn’t hurt ourselves by trying to be anything other than that!

Everyday of my life I have heard women say things like “I’m so fat”, “I hate my legs”, “I hate my nose”, “I wish I was like so and so…”, and it honestly makes me sad.  As I get older and (somewhat) wiser, I remember these feelings, and how much time I wasted on negative thoughts. I look back at old photos now and I wonder why I ever cared- There was nothing wrong with me (Well aside from the blue eyeshadow and plaits) but in my head the mirror seemed to lie!

This world would be very boring if we all looked the same wouldn’t it? Social media makes it easy for people to compare their lives to others as we see more of people than ever before. It can have long-lasting, damaging effects. Stop comparing yourself to others and learn to love what you have!


Here’s a challenge for you: Before your morning routine, stand in front of the mirror and pick out your favourite asset. Be thankful for being you – a beautiful, unique individual. Pick a new positive thing about yourself every morning.

Over the last 12 years I have had many up and downs; going from a teenager to an adult was not an easy transition, and learning to love and accept myself was definitely a journey. I remember being called “thunder thighs” when I was 14. This haunted me for all these years – but now I believe I have strong legs that help me to lift exceptionally heavy weights. I now believe with every negative experience there is a positive, although it maybe hard to see that at the time! I never for a second would have thought that I would do something like Olympic weightlifting (let alone compete!) I did however believe at this point in life- I would be selling out the Point Depot (now known as the O2 in Dublin)  – but you know, singing in the shower is fine with me!

As I close off this post I ask this – what is perfection? My thought is that there is perfection in everyone, but the media gives us a false impression of what people are supposed to look like. Don’t forget that these magazines use pictures and images that have been airbrushed a zillion times, not to mention the articles that tell us who is too fat or too skinny this week. It’s no wonder people put so much pressure on themselves, this stuff is toxic to the mind!

We all still have off days but when I have mine I know my “fabulous” 1950s dress always makes me feel like a million dollars. I put this on along with red lipstick and some sky scraper heels and I’m happy out. Your mood lifter could be getting your hair done, your nails painted, or just being silly, dancing around your room and singing into your hairbrush! Do what makes you happy and know that you are perfect, just the way you are.

My favourite 50s dress!

My favourite 50s dress!


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