You’re Sweet enough as you are…


Sugar has always been my weakness, even if I gave up all the refined crap, I’d still over do the natural sugars. Even as a teenager I had the willpower to become Vegetarian and continued with this for 10 years! Now sugar on the other hand, I’ve gone 5 days without the hard stuff and I feel like I want to bang my head off a wall, it’s not right. There are so many health issues that can grow out of over consuming sugar, these include PMS, Menstrual pains, Insomnia, Mood swings, Low energy levels and if you are having trouble losing weight around your belly, yep you guessed it…Sugar!

If you feel you are over consuming sugar and wanna detox your body then why not join myself and sidekick Nicola McGillicuddy’s 4 week sugar free detox? This will mainly be a “Support Group” where we will share recipes, helpful articles and of course what you can and cannot consume. If people are interested we may even have a meet up in a suitable cafe/restaurant and will set up a Facebook group where we can all communicate and share our daily struggle/success stories.

If you have any questions regarding the detox, please comment below! It will probably take us about a week to set everything up, but Myself and Nicola will be starting our plan on Tuesday so please pray for us!!




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