Fitfluential Ambassador

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’m still working on my new site so I’ll stick to this one for now, as it’s taking a lot longer then planned!



Got some exciting new over the weekend-I’ve been selected as a “Fitfluential Ambassador

So, what is I hear you say? Well Fitfluential is a Global community of highly influential fitness enthusiasts sharing their journey both online and offline, through multiple social media platforms.

The community is very diverse – men, women, crossfitters, runners, yogis, bodybuilders, newbies to veterans; the list is never-ending!

What does the role of a Fitfluentail Ambassador mean?

  •  An opportunity to spread positive messages of health, fitness and wellness nationwide.
  • An opportunity to partner with brands to do honest reviews on the latest in health & fitness so that you know what is worth spending your money on!
  • An opportunity to share my Blog posts and recipes worldwide.
  • A chance to get involved in the massive Fitfluential community and grow even further.

So I guess it’s just another step in the right direction of promoting health & fitness to you all. Know that I won’t bombard you with useless information and advertisements, I always set out for my blog to be real and organic and I aim to keep it that way!

In addition, be sure to check in to my blog to get all the latest news on this awesome adventure that has just started!

Happy days and Thanks so much to everyone who supports and follows my journey-You Rock! 🙂





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