Love Yourself And The Rest Will Follow.

dreams be dreams

How many times have you looked on Instagram and compared yourself to someone? Or scrolled through Facebook to see someone post a fitness status only to feel guilty even though it’s your day off? Why is it that the most popular posts online are about someone getting “skinny”? We are programmed to feel like this – with countless magazines in circulation showing off which celebrity managed to lose 30 pounds this week, everyone wants to know how they did it, and if it states that they drank green tea 50 times a day, the next day green tea is sold out everywhere!

As much as we try to fight it, we are still made to believe that being slim equates to happiness or success, but didn’t you know we are supposed to come in all shapes and sizes? Life would be pretty boring if we all looked the same wouldn’t it? What about the naturally slim girls who work their butts off to get curves like KK? People are quick to tell them that they are lucky they can eat whatever they want and assume that their lives must be so perfect because of this! People think they can just say “OMG, you’re so skinny” but no one would ever dare to tell someone they have put on a few pounds. I ‘m sure the slim girls are aware they’re slim and don’t need to be made to feel guilty because of this – as I said, we are supposed to come in all shapes and sizes!


Body image is something I feel so strongly about because I’ve been that person. I felt the pressure of needing to be slim, and from a young age I believed that if I was slim then I would be super happy, and that my life would be perfect! I was naturally a size 8-10 growing up, and everything I had I didn’t want, the hips, the booty; I have an hourglass figure and you would think that as someone who loves the 1950s, I would be happy with this, but I wasn’t, and I was always conscious of everything I ate.It’s only when I look back now and see old pictures that I just want to jump in a time machine and give my 16 year old self a slap in the face because there was nothing wrong with me!

Over time I’ve learned to accept myself and utilise my body in a positive way, I have strong legs (not chunky) and having strong legs means I can lift heavy weights, something I love more than anything in the world! I have hips, therefore I rock a retro dress and feel like a 1950s movie star but most of all I am me and that is something no one else can be and I hope you all feel the same! We are all unique, and we all have bad days but it’s about pulling yourself from your dark place and reminding yourself of all the good things you have done instead of comparing yourself to pictures online that have probably been tampered with anyway!


For the days when the dark clouds creep in, why not try some mindfulness? Let’s look at 5 mindful habits to stop yourself stressing and start loving yourself.

1. Stop criticizing yourself: Start by appreciating yourself and all of the achievements you have made. Stop comparing yourself to others and love yourself for who you are.
2. Practice Acceptance: Acceptance is a process and not something we can achieve overnight.It takes real effort and some days you may want to give up, but practicing daily will train your brain and this process will become easier over time. Finish your day by writing in a diary about why you are thankful for being you.
3. Let it be: If you are having an angry day, then be angry. If you are sad, then be sad. Don’t try to control everything all the time. Be mindful that these are emotions and do not define who you are as a person.
4. Be thankful: Every morning and night think of three things you are thankful for. Write them down if you wish and look back on these when you are having a bad day.
5. Create Balance: We need balance in our life as all work and no play, or all play and no work can create inner anxiety over inner peace. We require balance in our life to feel love and radiate love. We need time to nurture ourselves through activities that make us happy.


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