Time to Inspire: Claire McGrath

Claire mcgrath


There are some people that you meet in life and it seems that you were destined to become friends. Claire is one of these people for me; we became friends by chance and then through competing in CrossFit competitions together this year. We only know each other about 6 months but it feels like we’ve been friends for years. Claire is also my yoga instructor and this lady is a yoga expert (and will most likely be found hanging around upside down). I’ve learned so much since joining her class both mentally and physically. She is fascinating to watch as she bends her body in ways you wouldn’t think possible! Claire is someone who radiates good energy and positivity, so it was natural to include her in this series.

I asked Claire: Can you explain what health means to you?

Health to me is feeling balanced on a mental and physical level. I find when my body is happy and feeling good, my mind is automatically happy and also feeling good. We have to go through the gross (aka the body) to get to the subtle (aka the mind). Health is also the absence of disease, so if we feel ill or uneasy in our bodies, it affects our mental state. Equally if we feel uneasy in our minds it affects our bodies.

Ever get injured in a training session after a particularly stressful day at work? Or get an upset stomach when you are stressed? Coincidence? I think not! When I picture health I don’t necessarily picture a perfectly sculpted figure, I picture smiling. When you are healthy and you feel healthy it shines through like sunbeams in your face, regardless of your body composition. A six pack does not necessarily equate to healthy body and mind. If you have energy to do the things you love to do and feel the fire burning bright inside, and you go about life in a positive manner treating people with love and respect, to me you are the picture of health.

claire mcgrath



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