Time to inspire: Maeve Mahon

Maeve is someone who lights up a room with her beaming smile and her electric personality. I know her a long time as we were neighbours from when I was born until  I was about 15. I looked up to Maeve so much and used to follow her around as a kid.  It’s amazing how you can lose contact with someone as you go on your own journey and find yourself back on the same path again years later; this lady is superfit and came our “100 Burpee Challenge” charity event at Ronin CrossFit and smashed it! Maeve is such a beautiful person inside and out and is currently studying to become a personal trainer, so no doubt she will pass her good energy and inspiration on to those who will work with her 🙂


I asked Maeve: “What has training has done for you?”

I’ve always exercised, from a young age I was running, swimming or gymming. I used to think it was because I liked working out but it wasn’t; I just wanted to be skinny. I thought “if you’re skinny, you’re happy!” Boy was I wrong. Going without food and working out everyday was probably the unhealthiest and unhappiest I’ve ever been. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I finally cracked it. I suffered with post natal depression after I had my son and I can honestly say training saved me.

Initially I went just to the gym to get out of the house as I’d always worked and was struggling being at home all day. Then one day I met a trainer at my local gym who had five children. She was on her own with those five kids and worked out every day . After chatting she told me she too had struggled with depression after her first child and told me how with training and the correct diet she came out of it healthier and mentally stronger than ever !

After that chance meeting everything changed for me. I stopped looking at exercise as a way to just lose weight and started seeing it as a way of life – a happy, healthy life both physically and mentally! Three months later I was a new person! A happy Mum who was enjoying life with her new son. Eight years later I’m still that person and studying now to be a personal trainer myself. My goal is to teach people that exercising and having a clean diet (most of the time) shouldn’t be a thing you do for a week, 6 weeks or a couple of months, it should be how you live your life. And once you do, that life will be a long, happy and healthy one xx




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