Merry Fit-mas: 8 Fitness gift ideas for men.

So the list for the Gym Bunnies is done, we’re now onto the list for the super-fit men in your life. I went through the web with a fine-tooth comb to bring you some unique (last minute) pressies for the lads, they can be very tough to buy for so I hope this list brings you some inspiration.

lineup-gorilla1. Gorilla Kettlebell €35-€136: For the Crossfitter-You don’t get more bad-ass than this! The Primal kettle bell collection from Onnit is so awesome, this is the very top end one so there are cheaper options available. This is sure to make any man feel like he’s king of the jungle!

Hulk2. Dont Make Me Angry Hulk Mug €15: Great (comical) present for that friend who has a bit of a fiery temper. This mug holds 32 ounces so would be great for Bulletproof coffee drinkers.

Sony3. Sony Waterproof All-in-One MP3 Player €63: Perfect for the runner- This a pretty snazzy & affordable gift-The built-in MP3 player can hold up to 1000 songs and not only is it wireless it is waterproof up to two metres.


4. Thug Kitchen Cookbook  €14: For the chef- A Vegan cookbook with a difference and lots of colourful..Em..Language! This is a book where you don’t have to be strictly vegan, you can adapt the recipes to your diet requirements. It’s worth buying for the health conscious friend in your life as you can be sure they won’t have read anything like this before.


5. Trigger Point Foam Roller €40: Mobility is one of the most important parts of fitness and this brand is the best available. The unique patterns make the experience more like an actual massage (Extra brownie points). The camo print is pretty awesome as-well!



6. Vehement Boxing/MMA Gloves €60: For the Martial Artist-Vehement is the world’s first brand for sustainable fight gear. This new German brand brings these striking wolf print gloves to the market. They are made of 100% Battleskin (durable artificial leather) so are vegan friendly and produced sweatshop free.


7. Indo Board €145-€176: For the Surfers: This Balance Trainer is the most versatile balance board product available in the market today. It was first designed for surf balance training in the 1970’s  but has since become a multifunctional fitness tool. Benefits include increased core strength, leg strength and balance coordination.


8. The GORUCK Bag €156-€300: For the Outdoorsman- On first glance these bags seem very expensive but you will not get a better and more durable bag than the Goruck. Made with special forces- grade materials it comes with a “bombproof” (yep, you read that right!) compartment that holds up to a 15” MacBook Pro or a 1.5 litre hydration bladder. Warning: If purchased you may encourage your man to go on more adventures, now that could be a good or bad thing!!


**Listed prices don’t include P+P



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