Time to Inspire: Odharnait Ryan Kiernan

I met Odharnait when she joined Ronin Crossfit, and she just radiates good energy. With her amazing sense of humour there has never been a class where she hasn’t made me laugh. Odharnait is someone who wants the best for everyone and always give out great advice, for me especially! She has always supported me on my journey and I’ll always be grateful for that. What I love about Odharnait is that she is such a great Mam, the love she has for her kids is so beautiful and organic, I love hearing all about them in the gym. I wanted to celebrate what Odharnait has achieved, and it seemed natural to include her in the “Time To Inspire” series!

Fun Times at the Christmas Party!

Fun Times at the Christmas Party!

I asked Odharnait: As a mother, what does you time in the gym mean to you?

When I joined Ronin I was the usual me; awkward and pretty uncomfortable, and by trying to force myself to act in a confident way it made me even more awkward. By my second WOD at Ronin everything changed; I felt calm in the environment and it became so much more then a gym.  As time has passed I’m more confident, self assured, value myself more and have made incredible friends.  Everyone fits in at Ronin; There are no groups or types of people.  Everyone is a Ronin and everyone is equal.

I’m the classic misfit. Socially awkward at first, never quite fit into any groups but wasn’t an outsider either. When I became a mother I devoted everything I have to my kids, I still do and always will! At times I kinda lost myself. I’ve dipped in and out of darkness and thank God I know enough to recognize it and react. I wouldn’t have massive confidence, and can be a bit of an introvert at times. All of the above is why I NEED to exercise. The same reason I’ve always exercised until I found Ronin Crossfit. I go to the gym now 3 to 4 times a week on a good week. I’m aiming for 5 but Jacko’s not mastered sleeping through the night as of yet!

Winning her Achievement award!

Proud moment: Winning awards from Ronin Crossfit!

My hour at the gym is my social outing, my counselling and my confidence builder. I love seeing my progress, and regardless of whether it’s just surviving a tough WOD or getting closer to my ever elusive pull-up everything is positive and celebrated. I love the chats with the girls and I get to be me. Not a Mam or wife or anything else, just me! This is so important for me as I want my kids to see a confident independent woman in their Mam. I want for Elvie to be strong and confident, so I gotta lead by example 🙂 This directly impacts my life and how I interact with everyone in it.  I’m happier and healthier because I go to Ronin and everyone benefits. I surround myself with gorgeous positive people at the gym and feel so privileged to be part of it.

Plus after three kids I kinda like that the gym kicks my ass, challenges me and makes me feel good about myself and my body.


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