Time to Inspire: Eamonn Boylan

Myself and Eamonn go way back before burpees and barbells. I think the first time we met was at a house party – he had a guitar, I had a voice and a singsong took place! Fast forward a few years and Eamonn and Jody happened to set up Operation Sandbag in the park very near my house. Getting fit and hanging out with friends seemed like the best idea ever – I left the gym I was in and embarked on this new adventure with the Lads. Some people chase the wrong goals in life and I can truly say I’ve only ever seen Eamonn chase his passion and turn it into a career, and you can’t help feel inspired by that!

I asked Eamonn: What’s the biggest lesson coaching has taught you?

I’ve been coaching in some format for a while now and I have to say it’s been tough to try and pick the single biggest lesson! The path I’ve chosen has taught me so many lessons with many mistakes along the way.


There are obvious requirements to become a full time coach including education, a decent level of fitness and a solid understanding of the craft that you hope to teach. All that said, there is a different level of engagement with people that isn’t really explained in any course or text book. I personally feel that a massive part of my day at Ronin CrossFit consists of connection. Tuning in to the frequency of so many different faces with their own stories, goals, anxieties, abilities and potential barriers that could prevent them from maximizing their potential.

The actual process of becoming fitter on a physical level at Ronin is not complicated. Just show up and the rest will happen. The mental game is huge and I become more aware of this as the years go by. All of the fancy gym equipment in the world won’t keep members. The real secret to this CrossFit lark is the fact that as a member you feel like you’ve got somewhere to train that you’re really comfortable. Your ‘third place’.  Everyone knows everyone and the atmosphere is all about progress.  So I suppose the biggest lesson for me is how important all of these factors are. How crucial it is to try and steer the vibe in a particular direction. To not just give in to the commercial gym feel and let the revolving doors begin. At the risk of sounding like a totes hippy I feel like I’m consistently trying to provide a more holistic approach to fitness. And that’s across the board, all the way to the CrossFit games or the average guy/gal dropping some bodyfat, it all starts and ends with the mind. To sum up – it’s not just the daily grind. It’s mind, body and soul.



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