Review-Taco Taco, Dublin 2

unnamed (3)When I heard there was a new Mexican restaurant in town I had to try it! I know there’s been a lot of noise around this place as it’s from the guys behind  #Bruchofchampions at the super popular San Lorenzos! I figured the best time to try it out would be a date night with Mr PP as he had been working away in India for almost 2 weeks and this would be the perfect place for a good catch up! I had heard about crazy queues and long waiting times (they don’t take reservations) but I think we arrived at the perfect time, about 17.30.

unnamed (12)

It’s laid out in what was previously Odessa and it looks similar but much brighter & fun, It’s all very Kool & The Gang! We were greeted by a very friendly face at the door who seated us straight away and our waitress was over with the menus and to take our drinks order… unnamed (9)

With the theme of the meal I knew I had to try the Margarita, and at €11 a pop I had big expectations and it did not disappoint – it was fresh, tart and the rim of the glass was rolled in sea-salt and lime zest so my pallet was dancing around with the flavours.

It took me so long to choose my food the waitress came over twice but it was third time lucky; there was just so much to choose from and the menu was very exciting in my opinion. In the end I chose the American jerk chicken with avocado salsa, iceberg lettuce, red pepper mayo, fried chorizo and shaved coconut, and I knew I had to put the sweet Potato fries w/ sumac, chilli & pomegranate to the test. I know good sweet potato fries when I see (taste) them!
unnamed (6)

As we were one of the first in the restaurant, our food came out very quickly and the first thing I noticed was the colours, really fresh and exciting. I couldn’t wait to get stuck in! The dish come with 3 soft floury tacos, packed with huge chunks of tender chicken and all the works. The flavours worked together so well, the chicken was very spicy but was balanced by the avocado & red pepper sauces that accompanied it. I struggled to finish the third taco, the portions are pretty big in my opinion!

Mr PP went for the Coca-Cola slow cooked pulled pork shoulder with pineapple & green chilli, pickled red onion, Chinese cabbage and sour cream and a side of the poutine fries with smokey bacon, black pepper sauce and mozzarella. Poutine Fries is actually Canadian street food and looked too interesting not to try. I didn’t try his pulled pork (although it looked delish) but the fries were very tasty, like curls of potatoes, that reminded me of those “Snax” crisps  to look at at. The flavour combo was really unique but worked well.
unnamed (13) Although the desserts looked amazing, we were stuffed so defo gonna skip the sides next time to safe room- salted caramel popcorn with peanut butter ice-cream has my name all over it! Instead I finished off the meal with another Margarita which was just as amazing as the first. unnamed (8) The verdict: Super FRIENDLY staff, GREAT tunes, a MOUTHWATERING menu and good value for what you get (there are good deals also) – I will definitely be getting my fill of tacos this Summer!

The Damage:

unnamed (11)


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