Foodie Fun in Vegas

Sorry I went a little AWOL there for a few weeks! I was on holiday for 10 days in the US of A and could only find time to keep my social media covered, it was all go between Vegas and then seeing my sister in San Francisco! I flew solo to Vegas as Mr. PP was on business there, but we also got tickets to the UFC 189 card. The whole experience was insane and one I’ll never forget. I’ve shared all these experiences over on my Facebook/Instagram pages but I wanted to share some of the great food experiences I had in Vegas. It got so hot at times I lost my appetite but I certainly made up for it in San Francisco, I will do a post on that also!

Cold Brew Coffee:

With the temperature well over 40 degrees most days, the last thing on your mind is a hot coffee! But, you still need a caffeine fix, so the best option is a cold brew coffee, poured over ice with some organic milk. We picked up a couple of different brands but Stumptown was by far my favourite. Blended with only 2 ingredients; coffee & water; it kept all of it’s natural flavours and was so refreshing with breakfast. (We were staying in a hotel with self-service features, so could make our own breakfast each morning!)


Epic Bites:

I love the Epic bars which can be found in Bodyfirst here. They’re pretty pricey but I always pick up a couple when I’m there. Mr. PP had picked up a selection of the Epic Bites packs in Wholefoods the day before I arrived. OMG, they were so good, serious flavour bombs! My favourite was the beef steak, it was nice and spicy without blowing your head off and the cranberries gave it a subtle sweetness. I found the bacon option a little too salty; bacon is already a salty meat so I feel they should have used something else beside sea salt as an additional flavour. The best thing about this snack was the fact that it could withstand the heat, meaning you could carry them anywhere for emergencies (we even brought some to the UFC fight for when we got hungry.)


Blueberry Cheesecake Ice-Lolly:

I love trying new and unique foods when I’m away and SASA SWEETS CHILLSPOT in downtown vegas was a super find! Tucked away in the very cool Downtown Container Park– An Offbeat shopping center built from shipping containers! SasaSweets are the creators of award winning SasaPops brand artisan frozen pops, which come in an array of quirky flavours. It was so hard to choose amongst all the options (they even do Liquid nitrogen ice creams and sorbets made fresh while you wait) but in the end I went for the cheesecake option. It was so good & tasted exactly like a creamy cheesecake, it even had the biscuit base hidden inside!


Big Erns BBQ:

Award winning “Big Erns bbq” is also located in the Downtown Container Park as above and is a must for all the bbq fans out there! While I admit the staff weren’t the friendliest, the food certainly diminished any hard feelings-This was probably the best slow cooked meat I’ve ever eaten! Super tender, fall off the bone meat, they slow smoke the meat over hickory and oak wood giving it a very unique flavour and all sides are made from scratch. Mr PP went a bit crazy on the order, but we got to try lots of options and take away what we couldn’t finish. I’m still dreaming about this place!


Easy Holiday Breakfast:

No it’s not fully clean but I am custom to a delicious croissant when I’m away! We purchased a box of them from Whole Foods and filled with some parma ham and organic cheese for a quick breakfast. The fruit came prepared in a huge pack for about $17 but there was 20% off that and it lasted the full 5 days I was there and more. This was another cold-brew I tried and it was good, a darker roast but slightly chalky in taste. Water is essential in vegas as the heat is insane, I drank at least 4 of these litre bottles everyday.



With long distance travelling it’s important to keep your immune system and gut in good order to avoid any colds or illnesses. Packed full of proprietary probiotics and powerful antioxidants, drinking kombucha is a great way to boost the immune system naturally! I tried the Synergy brand and drank it over a couple of days, the bottles are pretty big so will last. Packed with antioxidants because of the Blueberry and ginger juice flavour combo, it was a great choice to go for after landing!


Whole Foods:

I had to save the best for last!! This magical shop is like Narnia for all the health and fitness enthusiasts out there! Most people go to vegas to party or gamble but I was so thrilled to be running around Whole Foods looking at the amazing selection of food on offer. With all the beautiful fresh fruit and veg, nut butter dispensers, paleo fast food, the cold brew, kombucha & jerky listed about- (the list is never ending really) I was in health foodie heaven! If you are staying in a hotel in with self-service options then hit the nearest whole-foods and kit out your fridge!! It’s gonna cost a lot but everyone should experience it.. (even just once!!)


Crazed Health Foodie in Whole Foods.

IMG_5480 IMG_5481


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