Tuesdays Thoughts!

Transformation Tuesday- I’ll keep it short and snappy! 


A transformation doesn’t always have to be about aesthetics!I think my biggest transformation to date has been my mind & how comfortable I am with my body now! The picture on the left is from 5 years ago when I just started this (fitness) journey, in it I see a young vulnerable lady with crappy confidence! In the picture on the right I see a confident woman who knows what she wants! Growing up, I always wanted to be the woman on the right but I never thought I’d get there, I was destined to just be another self-hater!!


When I started weightlifting I honestly felt invincible, knowing what my body can do with such heavy weights was mind-blowing and it helped me love my “strong” body! Surrounding myself with positive ambitious legends also helped too!

I’ve spoken about my journey in more detail in the “Seeking Perfection” post. Hope you enjoy 🙂

The best is yet to come…..


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