Time To Inspire: Donna Larkin

My first interaction with Donna was through Facebook – we got talking about competitions and as they say, the rest is history! Donna is one of those people who when you talk to her you feel like you have known her for years, she is such a warm and loving person – you know you could tell her anything and she won’t judge you! Donna has an impressive athletic background ranging from kickboxing champion to CrossFit to races, and is also a CrossFit coach so she really is a massive inspiration to all! She’s there for me when I’m having a bad day or need that extra push in training, and I’ve never heard her say a bad word about anyone! I wanted to celebrate what Donna has achieved, so it was natural to include her in the “Time To Inspire” series!


What has been your proudest “Fitness Moment” to date?

Winning an Irish title in Kickboxing back in 2009. I started kickboxing when I was 17 and after having several successful fights, I was in contention for an Irish title. Unfortunately, it took many years to actually win that title, as I was unsuccessful in my first few attempts. When it finally came, the win itself was far from easy. The fight was an all out war, the result was a split decision and it really could have gone either way. Thankfully for me I edged the win! It was definitely a very proud moment for me, as I had worked so hard for it and battled through a few losses along the way.


How has fitness changed your life?

I feel I have changed massively since I started out on the fitness path. I would have always been pretty socially awkward, I struggled with confidence, and would be uncomfortable speaking in front of groups of people. So to see myself now, as a coach, it’s kind of bizarre to see how far I’ve come! My love of fitness has grown so much that it has changed my career path. Going from office worker to a full time coach after 14 years! I’m still a little bit awkward socially but It’s definitely made easier by the amount of amazing friends you make through fitness. You share the same interests and they support you in everything you do. I especially found this in the CrossFit community. I look forward to going to various events and competitions, catching up with them and cheering them on.


Now that’s what I call Motivation Monday!!


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