Merry Fitmas: 10 Gift Ideas For The Fitness Fanatics

It’s that time of year again and I cannot believe it! It only seems like last week when I put together last years gift guide! This year I decided to just make 1 list for the fitness fanatics in your life as we all really go for the same things don’t we? I mean, I’ve seen some guys rocking some pretty awesome leggings recently and why not? In this blog post I’m going to give you a little helping hand for the fit lady or man in your life!

1.Perfect Portions Digital Scale €110 


Every fitness fanatic needs a scales to track their macros! This scales just happens to be the best one you can get. The scale provides a full nutritional breakdown and the data is presented just like the “Nutrition Facts” label on all food packets, so it’s easy to read and interpret. This is one of those items that we would love but can’t justify forking out over €100 for a kitchen scales! In saying that it will definitely make a lot of beefcakes happy this Christmas!

2. The 4 Hour Body-Timothy Ferris €17

tim ferris

I’m putting this down because it’s next on my book wishlist. Tim Ferriss is the ultimate life hacker and life guru! He can help you reach your true genetic potential in 3-6 months with a commitment of less than four hours per week. Why not buy your buddy the whole “Tim Ferriss” series for the ultimate present and if the books change your friends life, then you can be a little smug about it!

3. Protein Bar Selection Box

protein box

The guys at Bodyfirst Nutrition have come up with a genius idea! A protein bar selection box, this is a fantastic idea for a stocking filler or Kris Kindle pressie. Don’t hang around though, they launched instore on the 25th November and no doubt will sell out very quickly!

4. Primal Snack Box £19.99


Awesome present for the cave-people in your life! Subscription boxes are great as a Christmas gift as the receiver continues to get presents long after the Christmas tree has come down! Primal Snack Boxes are all free from Grains, Gluten, Soy, Dairy & Refined Sugars. They have vegetarian and vegan varieties so no matter what your dietary preferences, they have you covered. You could buy a subscription or you can simply order one box as a gift!

5. Grip Rings €70 (€82.50 by reg post)


A great present for those who want to bring the gym home. Grip Gymnastic Rings are handmade in Co. Kerry from high quality birch plywood and sanded to a beautiful finish. The rings can be set up where ever you have the space ( Sure why not remove the couch and set them up in your sitting room, no excuses then lol!) If you know any budding Crossfitters this would be the perfect gift to keep them busy over the holidays.

6. PROMiXX €26



This is a very nifty shaker and makes a great present because it’s one of those items that you would love but never think to buy for yourself! The PROMIXX creates a vortex to effectively blend whey proteins and nutritional supplements with liquids. Gone are the days of lumpy shakes!!

7. Hemsley + Hemsley Spiralizer €40


Ok, I swear this is not just my Christmas list!! But I do need to invest in one of these! They are used to make low carb/paleo/raw alternatives to pasta using courgettes, carrots, sweet potato and butternut squash. Great for the health foodies in your life.

8. Crossfit Starter Pack €110 (Normally €132)


This is a great pack from D8 fitness, with everything from mobility tools to wrist straps. Ideal for those who might be interested in joining the community in January or for those who want to work on their mobility at home.

9. Motivational Poster €15


A lovely stocking filler! Who doesn’t love a good motivational quote to get them going during the winter? I love this one but you could design your own too!

10. SGF Speed Ropes £18-£45

sgf ropes

I use the brand and I can’t recommend it enough! You won’t find a lighter and more durable rope out there, I love mine! The great thing? Every rope is hand made in the UK and custom built to each individuals specification! The ropes can be fully customised too with pictures,images or brand logos, making the present more personal for your buddy!

Bonus Gift

WOD Welder £15


This is a great gift idea for the Crossfitters or Weightlifters in your life! I defo need one anyway, my hands have been compared to knuckles in the past and that’s just not a good look! This pack contains everything needed to keep hands nice and supple. It’s great value so perfect for a Kris Kindle or stocking filler.

Thank you

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list, keep your eyes peeled for more Christmas gift guides over the next couple of weeks. If you can’t wait for them, check out some of my lists from last year.

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