Review: OSIUS Bone Broth

As an Brand Ambassador for Love Life Supplements I got to review the delicious Osius Bone Both recently. I was so excited about this as I love bone broth but also because I was the only person in Ireland to try it. This is because it’s usually delivered frozen in the UK. The product defrosted on its way to me but it just meant I had to use it within 5 days, not a problem at all for this Piggy!


What’s The Deal With Bone Broth?

Bone Bone is known as a superfood as it carries medicinal purposes as well as tons of nutrients. Bone broth has been proven to aid digestive issues and heal the gut to promote healthy digestion. It’s made up of pure collagen so may help strengthens bones, joints, tendons and ligaments. 

Bone broth may help with the following:

  • Keep your skin, nails and hair healthy
  • Boost your immune system
  • Protect your joints
  • Help aid autoimmune disorders such as coeliac disease, leaky gut and other digestive issues
  • Help joints to grow and repair (great for injuries)
  • Aid nutrient absorption
  • Encourage better sleep (that would be the magnesium)

If that’s not enough reason to include it in your diet then I don’t know what is!

About Osius Bone Broth

Made on a small farm in the rural county of Herefordshire. The broth is 100% organic and pasture fed. The marrow & knuckle bones simmer for 24-36 hours to extract all the nutrients. The organic vegetables & herbs are added for the last 4 hours of cooking bring it all together and then seaweed used as the seasoning agent.
The broth is grain free, dairy free, salt free, additive and preservative free.

My Thoughts:

I reviewed both flavours: Chicken with Herbs/ Beef with seaweed.

Chicken: I had the chicken in the morning in place of my regular coffee, it was warming and also perked me up a bit. I loved how clean the broth tasted, nothing bad added just pure nutrients. It has a very delicate flavour meaning it wouldn’t over power any stew or recipes you wanted to add it to. I added it to lots of recipes like stir fries, roasted sweet potatoes etc and it really boosted the flavours.

Beef: The beef was delicious, I love the addition of seaweed it gave it a slight miso flavour. The beef has a little more depth than the chicken which would be expected as it’s a bigger animal with bigger bones! Again I drank this as it was and also added it in many of my recipes. You all must try veggies stir-fried with bone broth as it’s a game changer!

Some Recipe Ideas

Chicken stir-fry


Natural with added coriander


Sweet potato roasted with spices and bone broth



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