What You See Is What You Get…

Have you ever looked at someone else and wished to be like them? Looked at how they work a crowd, how successful they are or even how fit? In some cases people change their true selves just to impress people, to fit in and hope that they’ll be liked in return! What is wrong with the human way that we struggle so much to be confident in who we are?

Take me for example, what you see is what you get! I’m a no nonsense, honest person who sees the best in everyone, but this has ended with some negative situations over the years! In the past I struggled to speak my mind, I always wanted to be “that person” who would tell people where to go or how I don’t agree with their views etc. I mean I could play out the whole conversation in my head and when it came to it? SILENCE! I’d get so frustrated, why should I give the power to someone else, I’m a strong individual myself! I had friends who could stand up for their beliefs and to be honest most people thought I was like that, It wasn’t that I lacked confidence, I just couldn’t face the confrontation!


Over the years I’ve gotten better, I guess that’s normal with age too! Mr. Piggy has helped inspire me on so many occasions and standing up for yourself feels so good! But why do we have to? Why should we feel bad because of someone else’s instability? We shouldn’t! It’s time to love and accept ourselves and stand up for our own beliefs, even if it means stepping outside of your comfort zone! I promise you, it will feel good!

Life has many ups and downs and this is something I have experienced closely over the last few months. There will be tough days, even tears but all these difficult experiences make us stronger in time! It’s these times that will help us understand who we are and what we want in our lives!


Don’t EVER change who you are just to impress someone, learn to laugh at yourself and in the difficult situations, stand up for everything you believe in!

Namaste xx



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