A Bird Flew The Nest…

So this is not a blog about nutrition nor a blog about fitness at all! Writing has always been a passion of mine, I’m not the best writer out there but I enjoy it! Sometimes I just go loco on the keyboard when I want to talk about something and that’s kind of what happened this evening! When I sang in bands my lyrics were as simple as you could get, nothing cryptic or fancy I just said what I meant and it worked! So I hope this works too, today’s blog is an ode to my sister and to anyone who has siblings or family abroad.


My big sister Karen emigrated to California 4 years ago now and I was so proud to see her go. You see Karen always told me when we were kids that she would live in the US, well she dreamed it and she did it! She now lives over there with her Peruvian husband Martin and they have just bought their first home. Another proud moment, I mean I’ll always have a place to stay ha ha! But seriously it’s a beautiful home and seeing them have a sleep over on the first night, filled my heart with happiness. Blankets on the floor, eating sushi as happy as can be!


When someone in your family emigrates as happy as you are for them, a huge part of you is sad. Someone who has been around everyday of your life, suddenly isn’t there anymore! (How did we manage before Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime! But sometimes it just doesnt cut it) For the first year, I just expected her to be back like she always had been, but as time goes on you get used to it in a weird way! Has anyone seen Brooklyn? My god I sobbed at that movie, even as the ship sailed off, I was in tears, as I could relate(Those airport goodbyes just never get easier do they?). As could my mam, sitting beside me on the sofa wiping the tears from her face.


But, what about the time’s you do meet up again, how special they are? When you squeeze each other so tight you nearly forget to let go! I’ll never forget the time Karen and Martin surprised us here, I definitely lost a life that day! They’re now banned from surprises! I’ve been over to them a few times now and it’s brilliant. Myself and Karen can usually be found drinking wine until 5am and then I panic that I’m still on the Irish time zone and quickly go to bed! We’ll wake up early and do it all again, so much to catch up on and for her to introduce me to every new aspect of her life!


I’m a proud little sister who gets selfish every now and again! My brother is getting married this year and we’ll all be reunited again (there’s four of us by the way) I can’t wait for the catch ups, the laughter and the madness. These moments become such highlights because they’re rare! So we cherish every second that the 4 of us are together…


That’s just a snippet of my side of the story, Karen has an incredible way of words. She writes all about her life as an emigrant on her blog: The Warblings Of A Wanderer, so be sure to check it out! You can expect tears and laughter as she describes her life over in sunny Cali!



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