Finding The Balance

For as long as I can remember there was always something I didn’t eat! For 10 years, I cut out one of the biggest food groups-MEAT… I became a veggie for no exact reason other than I was fussy (and I lost a bet). I literally didn’t eat a crumb of meat or fish for a decade and after being diagnosed with a B12 deficiency I knew things had to change. My training also played a bit part in my transition as I didn’t feel I could fuel my body training such high intensity sports without eating sufficient protein.


I then made the leap from a Veggie to a Paleo-ish diet, again restricting myself with a low carb, high fat diet. I found this period to be the hardest because I became obsessed with eating the most natural products available to me. This meant any time I was stuck without food, it created unnecessary anxiety. It usually ended up with me over eating high fats such a nuts or nut butter, causing me to store extra fat.

Nowadays, I don’t really cut out anything! I keep my treats for the weekend (I say this as I inhale some mini kinder chocolates on a Tuesday) I don’t cut out food groups anymore and my relationship with food has changed significantly. I was always “that girl” who had to be awkward but now I enjoy food for what it is-FOOD!


I genuinely love healthy food and if I can get a burger wrapped in lettuce, I’ll go for that, because I prefer it. If I can’t, I can’t and I don’t get stressed about it. I’ll probably just skip the fries. Restricting yourself of major food groups can create an unhealthy relationship with food. I know because I was there, I would eat super healthy during the week, then come the weekend my “cheat meal” would become a “cheat day” and I would feel guilty because I let my guard down. It’s taken time to change and I feel that by allowing myself the odd “treat” (not cheat) it’s more sustainable long term because I believe in the long term plan, not any quick fix diets.

What methods to I live by now? Eat your carbs (around training), eat more protein, eat your veggies, watch those fats, enjoy treats from time to time and if you want a glass of wine on a Friday (or Tuesday) then have it!

Finding balance has been important to me, it helps me to live in the moment and enjoy whatever life throws at me. I am foodie and I love how food brings people together, it could be a bbq, a random date night or just some friends eating burger chatting about life.

It’s all about that balance baby ❤




3 thoughts on “Finding The Balance

  1. I just came across your blog today, and we have so many similarities, it’s scary. I was a veggie for 4 years, then went straight into a health crazed paleo phase. I struggled with body image issues for years. I even had the beginnings of a tumblr fashion blog, haha! I still struggle sometimes with my body perception and food guilt, but to see someone else so similar to me come so far is an inspiration. Thank you!

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