Why The Whole “New Year, New Me” Is B******t!

As we roll into a new year, it’s a great time to make plans and set goals for the year ahead. Keeping that in mind, get ready for your social media to be blasted with the whole “New Year, New me” saga and DON’T even get me started on those 8 week challenges!

Let’s take a step back here and look at the big picture, why the hell are we wanting to change who we are? Last time I checked I was pretty happy with little old me, warts and all-(I hope you are too!) Without even knowing, people are already putting pressure on themselves because “this is year that it’s going to happen-I’m going to lose a ton of weight in the new year and my life will be perfect!” When the seed is planted it usually starts with the person doing serious damage over the Christmas holidays and then restricting themselves 100% in the new year! “Hello misery!”


I’m all for people making positive steps to achieve overall mental and physical health but these plans you’re being sold don’t actually help with any of that long term (unless you are working with a qualified professional of course-do your research!). Yes, you will lose weight but is it sustainable? And how happy will it actually make you!

It’s taken me a long time to really be happy in my own skin and I feel it’s my prerogative to help others because that place can be dark. I too used to be that person who said I’ll wait until the new year to lose a few pounds, I too started the new year cutting out all the food groups under the sun trying to achieve that and guess what? It sucked, not only did it suck, a few months later when I started eating all those forbidden fruits, I had failed (or so I thought!).


I’m not a negative person so don’t see this as a negative post, every year is a new beginning, it’s exciting and fresh. Every new year is a year to better yourself from the previous but please be mindful with your goals. Set realistic goals, year long goals, lifetime goals, it’s not a sprint people! Achieving a healthy body and mind permanently takes times and if you are willing to invest in yourself then changes will happen.


January can be a daunting time on social media as everyone seems to be shouting about some kind of diet or new training plan, don’t waste your energy trying to mimic someone else’s goals, again bring it back to you and push forward! Social media can be a great place too- those rough days when you need inspiration/motivation to get to the gym or for meeting like minded people who share the same passion, a support group if you will!

Enjoy each day and don’t stress thinking about the finish line. Enjoy the process, learn and grow!

I wasn’t planning on blogging until the new year, but just wanted to throw out a positive message as we close off this chapter! I wish you all magical, positive vibes for 2017 and thanks to everyone who supported me to date, you rock!! I’d love to hear about your goals and plans for the new year so don’t be strangers!

Namaste ❤


Finding The Balance

For as long as I can remember there was always something I didn’t eat! For 10 years, I cut out one of the biggest food groups-MEAT… I became a veggie for no exact reason other than I was fussy (and I lost a bet). I literally didn’t eat a crumb of meat or fish for a decade and after being diagnosed with a B12 deficiency I knew things had to change. My training also played a bit part in my transition as I didn’t feel I could fuel my body training such high intensity sports without eating sufficient protein.


I then made the leap from a Veggie to a Paleo-ish diet, again restricting myself with a low carb, high fat diet. I found this period to be the hardest because I became obsessed with eating the most natural products available to me. This meant any time I was stuck without food, it created unnecessary anxiety. It usually ended up with me over eating high fats such a nuts or nut butter, causing me to store extra fat.

Nowadays, I don’t really cut out anything! I keep my treats for the weekend (I say this as I inhale some mini kinder chocolates on a Tuesday) I don’t cut out food groups anymore and my relationship with food has changed significantly. I was always “that girl” who had to be awkward but now I enjoy food for what it is-FOOD!


I genuinely love healthy food and if I can get a burger wrapped in lettuce, I’ll go for that, because I prefer it. If I can’t, I can’t and I don’t get stressed about it. I’ll probably just skip the fries. Restricting yourself of major food groups can create an unhealthy relationship with food. I know because I was there, I would eat super healthy during the week, then come the weekend my “cheat meal” would become a “cheat day” and I would feel guilty because I let my guard down. It’s taken time to change and I feel that by allowing myself the odd “treat” (not cheat) it’s more sustainable long term because I believe in the long term plan, not any quick fix diets.

What methods to I live by now? Eat your carbs (around training), eat more protein, eat your veggies, watch those fats, enjoy treats from time to time and if you want a glass of wine on a Friday (or Tuesday) then have it!

Finding balance has been important to me, it helps me to live in the moment and enjoy whatever life throws at me. I am foodie and I love how food brings people together, it could be a bbq, a random date night or just some friends eating burger chatting about life.

It’s all about that balance baby ❤



To My 20 Year Old Self…

I turn 30 in 3 weeks and while it can be a pretty scary occasion, I’m actually excited! Yes, of course part of me is cursing under my breath, we’d all love the secret potion for eternal youth right? But, with age comes wisdom, confidence, security and excitement for the future. Let’s not forget if you want to eat ice-cream for breakfast, you can!!


20 Year Old Me

Self Love

If I’m honest there’s parts of my past I try to forget about, things I’m not proud of!  The hardest part to heal was my “Self Love”. I always felt this angst inside, not a teenage “no-one understands me” angst but a real lack of love for myself, resulting in a lot of self-destructive behaviour! I definitely suffered badly with body dysmorphia, even getting dressed day to day was hard. I would change 700 times and even when I decided what to wear,  it would always be something oversized and baggy! If it was hidden away I didn’t have to worry about it anymore.


The problem with not loving yourself is you can lack confidence to speak up, confronting people is a definite NO-NO and in my case, I let lot’s of people away with things I really shouldn’t have! It’s not worth getting upset about because we can’t change the past but we can change our future and I set out for that without even realising!

Time For Change

In 2009 I decided to get get fit again it had been years since I trained, unless you count dancing at music festivals exercise (I did lots of that, 6 Glastonburys in a row anyone?) It was around 2010 when I got the fitness bug with the Ronin Crossfit lads, they set up operation sandbag and then in 2011 they opened the gym! I’ve talked about my fitness journey in the Journey To My First Competition blogpost.


“Your life begins to change the day you take responsibility for it.” - Steve Maraboli

There’s been up and downs, but in the last couple of years I have really found peace with who I am and what I’ve achieved! Growing up I felt I was the short ass with the chunky legs, but hey short people make good weightlifters/crossfitters and you can’t lift heavy without a strong base! For each of us it can be something different, we can be so hard on ourselves but let’s make 2016 the year of “Self Love”.

One thing we don’t talk about enough is ourselves! It’s OK to compliment yourself; tell people you kicked ass in work, smashed a WOD, or how great you feel in your new dress? It can be hard. I’ve talked about it before, but keeping a journal is great for this, write it down and when you’re ready… Scream it from the rooftops!

So to my 20 year old self:

Lift your head and show yourself some love. You are a beautiful person who loves the world, so show yourself some love back! If you mess up that’s ok, your mistakes don’t and will not define you! You have nothing to worry about because the best is yet to come…. (oh and about that fringe, I’m not so sure about it #LegoHead)


Weight Loss Is Not A Destination

“I’ll be happy when I’m skinny”, “My life will be perfect when I lose this extra weight” How many times have you told yourself that? I know I have many times! I was always obsessed with my weight growing up. I was never big or overweight (I couldn’t see that!) and I was obsessed with being thin. I figured if I lost a bit here or got rid of some there, I would be happy and my life would be perfect. The reality was that trying to lose weight was awful. I wasn’t happy at all, it was stressful. When I lost weight, I was waiting for this magic wand to wave over me and my life would be perfect -guess what, it never happened!


It’s taken me almost a decade to really love my body, I have weightlifting to thank for that. When you realise the amazing things your body can do, you can’t help but love it! All those years of hating my legs because they weren’t slim like all the other girls, well now they have a purpose. These strong legs can clean 80kg now and that really blows my mind. This can be the same for you, find something that makes you truly unique and show yourself some love!


Please don’t waste time and energy trying to change who your are because you think you should look or act a certain way. I want you to do something for me – buy yourself a really nice journal and keep it beside your bed. Before you turn off the lights I want you write down something great you did that day (it can be anything at all) and one thing you love about yourself!


Don’t get sucked into what society thinks of you, because I can tell you the next person is 100% worrying about themselves too. Don’t compare yourself to others, I’ve said it before – it’s ok to be inspired by people, but DON’T try become that person. We are all unique butterflies and that is an amazing thing, so embrace your individuality!


If you ever want to talk about body image or you’re looking to find inner confidence, send me an email at primal piggy@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to talk to you. I’ve been there, I’ve suffered, but I overcame it and you can to!