Ultimate Unfried Chicken

The clean meal that feels like a treat meal, yes you found it! You’ll notice I never use the words “Cheat Meal” anymore. I’m not on a diet and even if I was, I shouldn’t feel guilty for “cheating” on said diet. Growing up the word “cheat” always meant bad, so why bring negatives emotions to food choices (there’s already enough stigma out there)just enjoy your food for gods sake! I now say “Treat Meals”, when you work hard you deserve to be treated! Be mindful about your choices but enjoy your life without guilty feelings!

There’s nothing fancy or expensive about this recipe and the macros are great too. Whip them up for lunch or dinner anytime you crave fast food! It’s also a great recipe if you’re bored of eating plain chicken fillets.

image (1)

If you have time to spare you can soak the fillets in milk (and seasoning) as it softens the meat making it more juicy and tender. I didn’t this time as I was starving (story of my life lol) but it was still absolutely delicious!

You could really go fancy by filling the chicken fillet with garlic butter before coating for a healthy chicken kiev.


  • 2- 4 chicken fillets
  • 2 eggs whisked
  • 1 cup of gluten-free oats
  • ¼ cup arrowroot powder
  • 2 cups of milk (optional)
  • 2 tbsp Parmigiano Reggiano
  • A mix of any herbs/spices (I used paprika, some chilli flakes, and dried basil)


  1. Set the oven to 180 degrees.
  2. Prepare all your coating so add the eggs to a bowl, the arrowroot to another and keep another for the oat coating. Now you have a chicken breading station all set up.
  3. In a nutribullet/blender combine the oats,cheese and herbs/spices and pour into a bowl.
  4. Take the chicken fillets one by one and coat in the arrowroot, then eggs and finally the oat mix ensuring it’s evenly coated.
  5. Bake for 15/20 mins until golden and crispy.
  6. To make pesto dressing; in a jar combine 1-2 tbsp pesto with a dash of extra virgin olive oil, shake and pour.

Hope you enjoy, what’s your favourite “treat meal” let me know in the comments and I’ll try to make a healthier version of it!

Namaste ❤

Are You Ready To Get Your Hands Dirty?

Competitions are a scary thing no matter what sport you are involved in! People fear the unknown or worry that they might bomb, it happens to us all. My advice for anyone who feels like this? Get involved in a team comp! How does a team comp differ to an individual? You can work to your strengths and have a constant support group but remember competitions are not supposed to be easy, it’s about getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself past your expectations.

I’ve watched the Filthy grow over the last few years and my god, has it grown! I competed in 2014 in Crossfit Swords with my legends from Ronin Crossfit. Team training is amazing as you rely on each other so much and the same goes for when you’re on the floor and they’re shouting your name, it sends your adrenaline through the roof. You’ll never want to let your teammates down either so will push yourself more than you ever have before.


Last year we were registered to go again but one of our teammates got injured and we were out of the game! I still wanted to be part of the action so I volunteered and was on the scoring team! My first thoughts walking up to the new venue was “Holy S*** it was gigantic”, my second feeling was “How I wish I was competing”. You could feel the adrenaline as soon as you walked inside with competitors eyeing up the competition. I could go on and give my best David Attenborough impression now but I think you get the picture!

It still amazes me how much Crossfit has evolved in the last 6 years from small in-house competitions to a jam packed stadium, people came from all over the country to see what this “crossfit thing” was all about and I’m sure they were running (for time of course) back to their local box to sign up after the weekend because it was that exciting!


My two experiences of the Filthy were very different but equally as exhausting. Groups of people put themselves forward as volunteers to be part of the action and help in anyway possible. Hats off to the judges especially; the concentration, the confrontations, the screaming- these guys give 110% every time, so remember to give them as much kudos as they give you!

It’s not long until 2016’s event and I cannot wait! My training has been very different this year as I’ve focused more on weightlifting and bodybuilding with Wods thrown in every now and again for good measure! I’m loving it and I know these team competitions mean I can work to my strengths. I reckon I’ll only compete in this category for the time being as I find the experience much more enjoyable than an individual competition.


If you haven’t competed before then a team competition is a great way to start, it’s better when you can share the nerves and as the clock is counting down and your buddies hand is on your shoulder there really is no better feeling!

For now it’s time to dig deep and get your hands dirty, train hard and I’ll see you all in September.


What To Pack For A Crossfit Competition

As I was drafting my own list prior to packing for the Waterford Throwdown, I thought “Why not put it on the blog”? I can use it for future reference and help some of you guys who may be competing for the first time! I know how hard it can be to concentrate when the nerves kick in (I’m experiencing it right now, being 2 days out from my next comp) so hopefully this list will help put you at ease when it comes to packing.  I’ve only done a handful of competitions myself so I’m no expert, but I’ll share some of my essentials.

2014-05-14 22.04.40-2


  • Headbands
  • Nanos
  • Oly Shoes
  • Wrist Straps/Gloves
  • Knee sleeves
  • Athlete tape
  • Skipping rope
  • Weightlifting belt
  • Mobility Bands/lacrosse ball
  • PVC pipe
  • Foam roller
  • Water bottle
  • Chalk



I usually plan a change for each wod, even if I might only change my top – I always feel it’s good to have spares just in case!

  • Sunglasses
  • Sports bra x 2 (for the ladies)
  • Tank tops/T-shirts x 3
  • Long sleeved top
  • Nike pro shorts
  • Bottoms x 3
  • Shorts
  • Weightlifting socks
  • Regular socks x 2
  • Hoodie
  • Hair bobbins (for lady and man buns!)
  • Flip flops



I did a previous post in the past over on Boxrox which covered “What to eat when competing?” Which may be useful to you! I found that when I compete, I lose my appetite and can only nibble at things throughout the day. I usually end up drinking a lot of coconut water or electrolytes to help keep me fueled. I also eat things like jellies (shock horror lol) as the glucose helps keeps my sugar levels up. A very important point to remember is not to try anything new on the day. If you have never taken a pre-workout or energy gels before DO NOT decide to sample them the morning of the competition. Only eat and drink what you know your body can tolerate.

  • A bucket load of water
  • Coconut water
  • Coffee
  • Bananas
  • Grapes
  • Nut butter
  • Trail mix/Wyldsson
  • Roasted/Mashed sweet potato (with added turmeric)
  • Chicken/Turkey breast
  • Protein bars
  • Homemade energy balls
  • Jellies



  • Take your fish oils/GLC 2000 with your breakfast
  • Protein 
  • Recovery drinks ( I use the Viper Active by Maxi Fuel)
  • Electrolytes


  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Deodorant
  • Lip balm
  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Baby wipes
  • First aid kit
  • Plastic bag for sweaty clothes


Competing can be pretty scary but be proud of yourself for taking the leap to sign up in the first place! Enjoy the experience & take all the lessons it throws at you….

Primal Pizza


Recreating pizza is a fun task – there’s always the doubt that it won’t work out right and all your hard work and ingredients have to go in the bin. But nothing can wipe the smile off your face when it turns out pretty good! This recipe is fun – it looks like a pizza, feels like a pizza and tastes pretty close to your everyday pizza, except this recipe is grain and gluten free! You could say it’s suitable for a paleo diet but I’m pretty sure the cavemen didn’t eat pizza!

The main ingredient in the pizza base is “Tapioca” (I love that word!). This could be a new ingredient to your pantry, and can be used for lots of recipes. It’s pretty cheap and can be bought from most health shops.

What exactly is Tapioca?

Tapioca is the starch extracted from the cassava root. The cassava plant is native to Brazil and its starch is referred to as “tapioca”. Cassava is naturally gluten free, making it a good substitute for flour as a thickener, as well as a base for a tasty, sweet pudding.

This recipe can be a little tricky, but just have patience with it and it will work out.

Pizza base recipe:

  • 1 cup organic tapioca flour
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 cup warm water
  • 1/4 cup parmesan cheese
  • 2 medium or 1 large egg, whisked
  • 1 tsp dried Italian herbs
  • 1/2 tsp salt or garlic salt
  • 1/2 tsp ground black pepper



1. Preheat your oven to 180°C, and if you have a pizza stone place that in the oven too.

2. In a large bowl, mix the tapioca flour, about a 1/3 cup of the coconut flour and seasoning. Slowly add the oil in a little at a time,  stirring as you pour. Then add the water and give it a good mix. Next, pour in the egg and again mix well. 

3. To create the dough, add a couple of tablespoons of coconut flour until it reaches a dough-like consistency.

4. Spinkle your surface with some tapioca flour and turn out the dough, and knead it gently into a ball. If it is too sticky, sprinkle more of tapioca flour.

5. Roll out some parchment paper and sprinkle with tapioca flour. Transfer the dough to the paper, and using a rolling pin covered in the flour, roll the dough out to a thin base. Sprinkle a small with of flour on the base, and using your hand smooth it out.

6. Bake for 10-12 minutes, and then remove from the heat. Add whatever toppings you choose, and pop back in the oven to bake for about 5 mins.

Hope you enjoy x

No-Bake Nutella Brownies


It’s great when a recipe comes together by chance! I was supposed to make some homemade Nutella but I added the cacao powder too early, meaning it wouldn’t turn into a chocolatey spread! However I used my imagination, added a few more ingredients and a delicious brownie was born. The pictures don’t do this recipe justice, they are lovely and gooey with a subtle hint of roasted hazelnuts. This is a clean treat that tastes really indulgent but you won’t have to feel guilty about this one. I also added protein, making the brownies a good pre/post workout treat.


    • 1 cup hazelnuts, roasted
    • 3 Tbsp raw cacao
    • 1/3 cup dates
    • 1/3 gluten free oats
    • 1 scoop vanilla protein (If you are using plain protein, add some vanilla pod/extract)
    • 1/2 cup water


1. After roasting the hazelnuts, transfer them to a clean tea towel, and wrap the top tightly over the nuts. Roll around on your counter and the friction with remove the skin from the nuts.

2. Add the hazelnuts, cacao and half the dates to the bowl of your food processor. (Add the water a little at a time as you may not need it all) Let the mix run for about 5-10 minutes until the oils are released from the hazelnuts. Add the remaining dates, oats and protein and mix for another 3-4 minutes. Press the mix, and if it sticks together its ready.

3. Roll out some parchment paper in a rectangular oven dish. Scoop out the mixture, and spread it out pressing down at all times with a spatula. Smooth it out and decorate with some extra hazelnuts. Place in the freezer to set.

4. Remove after no less than 1 hour and cut into even squares. Store in the fridge.


Guest Post: Paleo Scotch Eggs

Paula’s Scotch Eggs


These handy little protein bombs are a great clean snack or good as a side for any meal. They’re really filling, cheap, and easy-peasy to make. I’ve included the herbs that I normally use, but add any fresh or dried herbs depending on your own taste. Enjoy!


  • 5 large eggs
  • 400g pork mince
  • 5 back rashers (unsmoked)
  • 2 tsp sage
  • 2 tsp parsley
  • 1 tsp oregano
  • 1 tsp rosemary
  • 1 tsp thyme
  • Plenty of salt and black pepper

**The amount of herbs added is approximate here, I just throw it in!


  1. Preheat the oven to 200C
  2. Hard boil your eggs. I usually add the eggs to a pan, pour boiling water over them, bring to the boil again and allow to simmer for a few minutes, allow to cool before peeling (cold water speeds up the process).
  3. Combine the mince and all the herbs – use a fork to mash the mince so it’s easier to handle.
  4. Take a ball of mince in the palm of your hand and flatten it out, add the egg and wrap the mince around, until the egg is completely covered.
  5. Wrap a piece of bacon around the egg and place on a baking dish.
  6. Bake in the oven for approximately 40 mins or until the bacon looks crispy.
  7. Allow to cool, cut open and enjoy!

Tip: depending how much mince you use for each one, you could do this with more or less eggs.

Note from Primalpiggy: I have tasted these Gems and they’re so delicious, it’s a great recipe from Paula and you have to be quick when they’re brought to the gym as they last about 10 seconds 🙂


Primal Piggy: Highlights and Memories of 2014

2014 was a year of many ups and downs. Early in the year I was recovering from a shoulder injury and it was around April when I started to feel better. This threw me a lot as I was out of action for about 6 months, you can read the full story in my previous blog post here: Learning the Importance of Patience It was a tough road but I came out eager and more determined than ever.

  • The Waterford Throwdown: Doing a competition was always at the forefront of my mind and when the applications opened for the Waterford Throwdown in May, I signed up straight away. On the day of the competition I was so scared, probably not 100% prepared for such a big event but I pushed through. This was one of the biggest learning curves in my Crossfit Journey to date. I wrote a blog post about the experience here: The Journey to my First Competition.

The Waterford Throwdown

  • Sunrise WOD with the Ronin Family: One of my favourite memories of Ronin Crossfit this year was our 5.00am WOD on Dollymount beach. It was freezing cold, but that was all forgotten about with the laughter and excitement of doing something so crazy! For more highlights of all the great stuff we did in 2014, check out this video from their VBlog: Ronin Crossfit 2014 Review.


  • My first Interview: I used to be in a band so you would think that public speaking comes easily to me, It doesn’t! I could sing on front of a million people but ask me to speak and I’ll run a mile. When my Ronin coaches asked me to do an interview for their VBlog, I was flattered and terrified! It was great fun chatting away about my journey to date and I think I could definitely get used to this, so watch out for some VBlogs from myself in 2015! Here’s the interview: Ronin VBlog Member Spotlight-PrimalPiggy10665159_750408855029700_1932079034334665916_n
  • Yogainz: Yoga doesn’t just make my body feel great, it does amazing things to my mind aswell! My teacher and good friend Claire McGrath is an incredible mentor. In a short space of time, my flexibility has increased more than I have ever imagined. I look forward to this class every week as it’s time where I completely switch off and focus on my body and achieving the movements.


  • The Filthy 150: After the Waterford Throwdown I got working on my weaknesses. I wanted to be prepared for this next competition and as it was a team competition, there was the worry of letting your team members down. We worked super hard together to get ready for this and I really noticed the difference in my performance from the competition in July. That in itself was an achievement for me! We competed in the RX event against some serious crossfit athletes from around the country, it was pretty surreal! But, I couldn’t have been happier with our performance!


  • Intern for The Health Bloggers Community: Blogging has been a wealth of education to me, I have learned so much on this journey to date. When the HBC advertised an intern position, I applied not really thinking I had a chance. When I received the email to say I got it, I literally danced around the house with excitement. It was a sign that I am on the right track. Since I started the internship in October, I have grown so much! There are some very exciting projects launching in the New Year, I can’t wait to share with you!1544444_712785725458680_4194957825723378598_n
  • Kicking Sugars Butt: I am a self confessed chocoholic (there, I said it!) No seriously, I have an ongoing battle with all things sweet! Even when I turned my back on the refined crap, it was replaced with the natural kind! After 4 failed attempts in the past, in August something clicked and I managed a full sugar detox for 5 weeks! Not a huge amount of time on paper but it was the first time in my life I was able to stick with a plan. Bad habits have creeped back in and enough chocolate has been consumed to last me until next year! This Monday I will be cutting the hard stuff out again and I’m aiming for 12 weeks this time.10712781_739163882820864_6250108656314653181_n

Weightlifting PR’s: I think everyone at this stage knows how much I love lifting!! It’s all I ever talk about (sorry to those to have to listen to my never-ending rants) As someone who started out lifting 3/5KG sandbags I am amazed by how your body can adapt to heavier loads and I surprise myself some days! This year has taught me that I definitely want to compete in some lifting competitions in the new year, so watch this space! Some Pr’s this year: Front Squat 90KG, Backsquat 100KG (This was in August,so defo more there) Clean 75KG, Clean and Jerk 67.5KG, Deadlift 130KG, Snatch 40KG, Backsquat x3 90KG, Deadlift x3 115KG.

While 2014 had some great moments, as you know I lost my Na-Na on the 7th December and the last few weeks have been filled with great memories of her and all the great lessons she taught me. These lessons mean so much more when the person is no longer with us. My Na-Na told me I can achieve anything I want and to aways believe in myself. This will be my mantra for 2015 and I dedicate all my future achievements to her xx


The Journey to my first competition.


Where it all began in 2010.

I’d like to say I loved Crossfit from the second I started, but I would be lying – it was so hard and I wasn’t used to the immense pain post-training; my body was in shock! I attended dance classes for a number of years as a teenager, but in latter years my only exercise would have been dancing around Glastonbury for 5 days every summer (Great fun, by the way) Back in 2010 I was not what you would call a fit person in the slightest, and when some friends set up “Operation Sandbag” in the local park, my thoughts were “How hard can this be??” OMG was it hard; I had never been in so much pain in my life! I probably would have given up straight away, but at this time I wasn’t in a good headspace, and training gave me the chance to switch off and vent for an hour.

Let’s fast forward a few years, and while I have been Crossfit training with my coaches Jody and Elmo since they started their awesome venture, I didn’t take it seriously. I loved keeping fit but only trained 2-3 days per week, went travelling, and took a few breaks over the years. I’m not sure exactly what happened last year, but probably around February I put my foot on the accelerator and got stuck into training. I had always liked the idea of doing a competition, but it seemed like a fantasy. I upped my training to 5 days a week with some double classes and noticed that my weights got heavier and my skills generally got better; not perfect but definitely better. In November, when the qualifiers opened for “The Battle of London” I decided I would give it a bash. However these were WODs made for machines, and unfortunately I wasn’t robust enough for them and ended up with a bad shoulder injury.


HWPO (Hard Work Pays Off)

Needless to say, this was frustrating and pretty upsetting. After 9 months of solid training I now felt I was back at square one, but rather than give up I did what I could, which meant squatting for 6 months straight. My front and back squat jumped by a significant amount of weight so it wasn’t all bad! I’d say my shoulder felt better around April of this year, and I can’t even explain how great it was to be back on the bar and doing overhead movements – in fact I nearly burst into tears when I got my first jerk! It might sound dramatic, but If you have ever suffered injury before you’ll know what I mean.

Shortly after, registration came out for the “Waterford Throwdown” an individual competition, and while I did hesitate for a moment, I decided to go for it. I knew my gymnastics skills would be weak due to the time lost with my injury healing but I felt this competition would highlight my true weaknesses. I was going there to learn, plus I knew it would be fun aswell and that’s the attitude I went into the competition with. What I love so much about theses competitions is the sense of community, everyone cheering each other on or helping those who are still powering through the WODs. Egos are definitely left at the start line.


The Waterford Throwdown 2014

I soaked up every detail like a sponge; the parts I failed, the parts I succeeded. I gained so much new knowledge to take back to the gym and help me grow. So what did I learn? Crossfit is damn hard ha ha!! Am I a natural athlete? I’m not so sure, but one thing I know for certain is that I will work my ass off to get as good as I can be. As fit as you need to be to succeed in Crossfit you also need to have a strong mind, and this can take time. There will always be that voice in your head telling you to stop, telling you that you can’t keep going, and the biggest challenge is overcoming that as your head will give up before your body.

This is something I’ve really had to work on as I used to party a LOT. I abused my body in the past, and like most people didn’t think of the side effects at the time. When I started training Operation Sandbag/Crossfit I really started to listen to my body, and as a result I started to worry about the damage I may have done, which stopped me pushing myself as hard as I could because I feared something bad would happen. It’s taken me almost until now to fix this problem. I think that’s why I really started to push myself last year – I got stronger, I overcame these fears and because of this I am so grateful for this journey and everyone who shares it with me.


“In the Zone” at our 1st Team comp in 2013.

Next week I will compete in The Filthy 150 as part of a team. I feel I have already come so far from the Throwdown in July, so I am more excited about this one. It will be so nice to have three friends by my side, each of us helping the others to push through the pain. I am excited to see what I can learn, and just enjoy the explosive atmosphere that comes with these competitions. I have to thank the coaches at Ronin Crossfit for their never-ending patience and help in pushing all of the athletes forward. Somehow even the hardest classes still feel like play time! I hope we do the Ronin name proud next weekend ☺

Fitfluential Ambassador

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’m still working on my new site so I’ll stick to this one for now, as it’s taking a lot longer then planned!



Got some exciting new over the weekend-I’ve been selected as a “Fitfluential Ambassador

So, what is I hear you say? Well Fitfluential is a Global community of highly influential fitness enthusiasts sharing their journey both online and offline, through multiple social media platforms.

The community is very diverse – men, women, crossfitters, runners, yogis, bodybuilders, newbies to veterans; the list is never-ending!

What does the role of a Fitfluentail Ambassador mean?

  •  An opportunity to spread positive messages of health, fitness and wellness nationwide.
  • An opportunity to partner with brands to do honest reviews on the latest in health & fitness so that you know what is worth spending your money on!
  • An opportunity to share my Blog posts and recipes worldwide.
  • A chance to get involved in the massive Fitfluential community and grow even further.

So I guess it’s just another step in the right direction of promoting health & fitness to you all. Know that I won’t bombard you with useless information and advertisements, I always set out for my blog to be real and organic and I aim to keep it that way!

In addition, be sure to check in to my blog to get all the latest news on this awesome adventure that has just started!

Happy days and Thanks so much to everyone who supports and follows my journey-You Rock! 🙂




Interview with Crossfit Athlete and Co-Founder of Guerilla Fitness: Hilary Riordan


Hilary Riordan is a 25 year-old Crossfit athlete based in Clonakilty, Co. Cork. She is co-owner of Guerilla Fitness with her partner Brendan Walsh and together they have both smashed their way through the Irish Crossfit scene – this pair are undoubtedly contenders for the title of Irelands fittest couple. Hilary has sprinted to the top of the Crossfit scene in such a short space of time, from opening her own Box in Cork to finishing in the top 20 female individuals in Europe, and finding herself a comfortable spot in the regionals. She is one of the most hard working athletes in the country and I’m delighted to interview her on her inspirational journey!


KTB swing

Primal Piggy: Hi Hilary, first of all congratulations on your incredible ranking in the Crossfit Open! I know you’re extremely busy getting ready for regionals, so thank you for taking some time out to talk to me.

Hilary Riordan: Thank you for having me on Primal Piggy.

PP: Lets get started- What is your sporting background?

HR: My sporting background is in gymnastics, which I did from the age of four until thirteen. After that I was big into show jumping so I didn’t really play any team sports again until I went to college and started playing soccer and football which was just for fun really.

PP: How did you get into Crossfit and eventually competing?

HR: I got into Crossfit through my boyfriend Brendan. He had been doing it for a long time on his own in Ireland and I heard him speaking about it all the time! Then we both moved to New Zealand and I started training alone with him in a commercial gym where he taught me the Olympic lifts and all the fundamentals that I needed. About 5 months later I joined Crossfit New Zealand and did my first open there. With regards to competing, as soon as I started training I knew I wanted to do competitions, it’s just in my nature. I don’t think I could push myself as hard in training if I didn’t have that competitive element!

PP: Was it a natural decision to open a Box?

HR: Yes, for myself and Brendan it was something we always wanted to do. It got to a point where we had to decide if we wanted to open a Crossfit box in New Zealand and commit our futures there, or move back home and start up here. In the end we decided that Ireland was a better option for us as all our families are here.

PP: Is owning and running a gym different than you imagined? How so?

HR: Owning and running a gym is definitely very difficult, particularly if you also want to be a competitive athlete. From the outside people imagine that you have the opportunity to train all day every day, but that’s not the case. It is often at times a real challenge to fit your own training in when you are teaching so many classes on top of the admin and maintenance/cleaning of a the gym. Despite that, I love the challenge of training and coaching and wouldn’t have it any other way.

PP: What was the journey like from beginner to coach?

HR: To be honest the journey to becoming a great coach is forever ongoing. Every day I learn something new. All of our members have such different personalities, abilities and goals that you have to be able identify what works best in terms of coaching for each individual. Some members are visual learners and like to be shown things while others need to be reminded with particular cues. The challenge is being able to recognise what works best and adapt your coaching style accordingly to ensure that you are getting the most out of your client.


PP: Tell me about your training programme and how you manage being a coach, as well as getting yourself competition ready?

HR: I train 6 days a week with three to four double days. Sunday is a complete rest day for me. We usually fit our training in between morning classes from 8.30am until 10.00am and again we train at 3.30pm before we get stuck into teaching the evening classes.

PP: Both you and your partner Brendan smashed the open- do you coach each other and how to plan out your program?

HR: Myself and Brendan train together every day. We always somehow manage to make everything a competition so it never get boring! With regards to the programming Brendan is the brains behind the operation. He is brilliant when it comes to planning for the year ahead, and he always has me peaking and feeling good in the lead up to competitions. Having Brendan program for me gives me a lot of confidence in the knowledge that the work he gives me is consistently making me a better athlete.

PP: Brilliant, what a legend!! During competitions, what goes through your mind when you hear “3,2,1..GO”?

HR: Just before the buzzer goes I always have a little bit of nerves but I think they are necessary for getting the best out of yourself. After that I just get lost in my own head, I generally can’t hear the music or much else that goes on around me.

PP: Have you ever experienced an injury? How do you stay injury free?

HR: Thankfully I have been blessed so far, I haven’t had any serious injuries other then a few niggles now and then, and they haven’t kept me out of training for any great length of time. I think the reason I haven’t had and major issues is because both myself and Brendan spend at least 30 minutes every day mobilising.It’s something we both feel is 100% necessary for us to perform and train to our best ability. Smart programming is also important here too.

PP: How do you think the Irish Crossfit scene has changed in the last 2 years?

HR: I think Crossfit has just exploded in the last two years. The number of boxes opening has increased hugely, and the standard of athletes in Ireland has really improved also, although we have a long way to go before we are on a par with the UK or Scandinavian countries.


PP: Some people still don’t really “get” Crossfit, can you explain its philosophy in 10 words or less?

HR: I struggle to explain what Crossfit is to people when I don’t have a word count!! I’m afraid ten words or less is just beyond me!! 

PP: Ha- ha! I knew that would be a hard one! Favourite and least favorite WOD and why?

HR: My favourite WOD at the moment is Amanda, which is 9-7-5 reps of muscle ups and snatches. It is one of my favourites because it’s extremely challenging and I love workouts with any bodyweight gymnastic movements. My least favourite WOD would have to be Karen (short girl problems!).  No one likes wall balls or Grace, again I’d rather be swinging from a bar as opposed to holding one!

PP: Muscle ups and snaches- you’re a machine…WOW!! What advice would you give to those thinking about competing for the first time?

HR: You just have to jump in two feet first. Everyone should experience the buzz of competing at least once. You won’t regret it and it just adds an extra focus to your training.

PP: How often do you hear the argument that women shouldn’t lift heavy? Do you think this is starting to change?

HR: I think it’s starting to change a little bit, but I also think those myths will always be there from people who are uneducated, or who just don’t know any better. Hopefully people (women in particular) will start to realise that if they want to get fit, strong and lean that they are going to have to do large compound movements to get the results they are searching for.

PP: So true!! Do you think that Crossfit has led more women into Olympic and power lifting?

HR: That is a definite yes. I think Crossfit has done wonders for the two sports, particularly on the womens side of things. If you look at the Olympic weightlifting competition being held in Clonmel next weekend, the competition is the largest one yet. It sold out so fast they had to add a second day. I know in our gym alone we have four women participating, and they would have never got involved in Olympic lifting if it was not for Crossfit, I know that is the case for many women around the country.


PP: That is incredible and shows women that these sports are not just for men! Do you follow a specific diet or take supplements?

HR: Yes, I am a paleo advocate but again follow the 80:20 principle. If we go out for lunch or dinner at the weekend we will have something that is not paleo, but for the rest of the week we will stay strict. With regards to supplements I take Omega 3 fish oils, Creatine and a multi-vitamin tablet.

PP: Share your favourite recipe.

HR: My favourite non-paleo meal has to be my mums homemade lasagne. My favourite paleo meal is homemade burgers with sweet potato chips and stir- fried vegetables.

PP: Who are your biggest athletic or general inspirations?

HR: My biggest inspirations are people I can relate to, like Annie Sakamoto or Kristin Holte, the kind of athletes that are a little bit smaller. Seeing them do incredible things make me realise that you can’t play the small person card, you just have to suck it up and work with what you got and do your damnedest to get stronger!

PP: What’s next for you?

HR: Regionals is up next for me. They are on in Copenhagen from the 16th to the 18th of May so not too far away. After that I will take a little break from training and then my main focus for the summer is to get stronger- a lot stronger!! Then the next big competition will be the Battle of London in January, which is a super competition.

Very exciting stuff and well deserved Hilary, you are so hardworking and a true example of how hard work will give you great results!! I will be cheering you on for the regionals, and I wish you the best of luck!!

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