A Christmas Gift Guide For The Foodies

I love my food which means I love anything food related! If you lose me in a Department Store I can promise you I’ll be in the kitchen section, drooling over some pretty plates, groovy cutlery or a K-Mix (one day I’ll be able to afford one!!) Who’s with me here? Grab your apron and let’s get cooking, I mean looking!

  1. The Big Cheese Making Kit €30


How cool is this? It’s a win, win really-you give the cheese starter kit to your buddy and you’ll be presented with some gorgeous homemade cheese (just saying!) Each kit makes 10 batches and the kit lasts about 2 years. Choose from Halloumi, Mozzarella & Ricotta, or a Goat’s Cheese kit.

2. Folklore Enamel Tableware €25 for 2


There something cool about enamel cups isn’t there? or is that just me?Article (Powerscourt,D2) have stocked a stunning collection that would make the perfect gift! The espresso cups are so kitsch and look at that beautiful tea/coffee pot! You know this is the one for your Brunchtastic Buddy!!

3. Cooking Lessons


Last year I received a gift of a gluten free cooking course at Cooks Academy, it was brilliant! I was there from 10am-4pm and learned a heap of new tricks! I couldn’t recommend this enough for your foodie friends! They offer so many fantastic courses, there really is something for everyone! I have my eye on the chocolate making one (Obvs!!)

4. Waffle Maker €36


Waffles are the new pancakes, didn’t you know? It’s kind of a gimicky present but who doesn’t want a waffle maker and like #1 you will be rewarded (cue evil laugh).

5. Recipe Journal €24


A great present for the budding chefs in your life. Paper chase have a great collection of Recipe journals/organisers. Some are very pretty and whimsical but I thought this compact one from Moleskin (famous for its notepads) was pretty slick! The pages are laid out with different sections for lots of the finer details of a dish, think wine pairings or prep time. I love that they include a set of emoji-style stickers to customise your creations!

6. Delicious Food Tours €45


Why not eat your way around Dublin! Lead by the Ballymaloe-trained, award winning food blogger Ketty Elisabeth aka French Foodie in Dublin.You can get a taste (sorry) for the real Dublin!! Ketty brings you to local shops, food and drink businesses. where you will sample some delicious Irish food and drinks, as well as learning all about Dublin’s cutting edge food scene.

7. Cookbooks 


Who doesn’t look a good cookbook? It’s the perfect present for any foodies in your life! You could even pack them up with some of the essential ingredients and make a hamper (see #10). I love that there are so many great Irish chefs out there now, Susan Jane White is amazing! Check her out on YouTube, Nigella who?

8. Humorous Apron €20


It doesn’t get more Irish than this, I love it!! Perfect colour for the festivities and will give everyone a giggle on Christmas day! Not too expensive so would make a great stocking filler or Kris Kindle gift.

9. Le Creuset Heart Pot €70


This piece of kit is essential in all chefs kitchen (especially in winter, hello hearty meals!)  The Le Creuset range does come with a price tag so it can be hard to buy for yourself! The lovely heart shaped pot is more affordable and makes a great gift for someone you really want to impress!

10. DIY Foodie Hamper


Why not put together a food hamper with delicious nibbles and/or ingredients? You could even show off your own skills and make a personal recipe book and include things to make them with! Shops like Fallon & Byrne have a great selection of delightful treats, that will put a smile on any foodies face!

Thank you

I hope you’ve enjoyed my second gift guide of 2015!

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Merry Fitmas: 10 Gift Ideas For The Fitness Fanatics

It’s that time of year again and I cannot believe it! It only seems like last week when I put together last years gift guide! This year I decided to just make 1 list for the fitness fanatics in your life as we all really go for the same things don’t we? I mean, I’ve seen some guys rocking some pretty awesome leggings recently and why not? In this blog post I’m going to give you a little helping hand for the fit lady or man in your life!

1.Perfect Portions Digital Scale €110 


Every fitness fanatic needs a scales to track their macros! This scales just happens to be the best one you can get. The scale provides a full nutritional breakdown and the data is presented just like the “Nutrition Facts” label on all food packets, so it’s easy to read and interpret. This is one of those items that we would love but can’t justify forking out over €100 for a kitchen scales! In saying that it will definitely make a lot of beefcakes happy this Christmas!

2. The 4 Hour Body-Timothy Ferris €17

tim ferris

I’m putting this down because it’s next on my book wishlist. Tim Ferriss is the ultimate life hacker and life guru! He can help you reach your true genetic potential in 3-6 months with a commitment of less than four hours per week. Why not buy your buddy the whole “Tim Ferriss” series for the ultimate present and if the books change your friends life, then you can be a little smug about it!

3. Protein Bar Selection Box

protein box

The guys at Bodyfirst Nutrition have come up with a genius idea! A protein bar selection box, this is a fantastic idea for a stocking filler or Kris Kindle pressie. Don’t hang around though, they launched instore on the 25th November and no doubt will sell out very quickly!

4. Primal Snack Box £19.99


Awesome present for the cave-people in your life! Subscription boxes are great as a Christmas gift as the receiver continues to get presents long after the Christmas tree has come down! Primal Snack Boxes are all free from Grains, Gluten, Soy, Dairy & Refined Sugars. They have vegetarian and vegan varieties so no matter what your dietary preferences, they have you covered. You could buy a subscription or you can simply order one box as a gift!

5. Grip Rings €70 (€82.50 by reg post)


A great present for those who want to bring the gym home. Grip Gymnastic Rings are handmade in Co. Kerry from high quality birch plywood and sanded to a beautiful finish. The rings can be set up where ever you have the space ( Sure why not remove the couch and set them up in your sitting room, no excuses then lol!) If you know any budding Crossfitters this would be the perfect gift to keep them busy over the holidays.

6. PROMiXX €26



This is a very nifty shaker and makes a great present because it’s one of those items that you would love but never think to buy for yourself! The PROMIXX creates a vortex to effectively blend whey proteins and nutritional supplements with liquids. Gone are the days of lumpy shakes!!

7. Hemsley + Hemsley Spiralizer €40


Ok, I swear this is not just my Christmas list!! But I do need to invest in one of these! They are used to make low carb/paleo/raw alternatives to pasta using courgettes, carrots, sweet potato and butternut squash. Great for the health foodies in your life.

8. Crossfit Starter Pack €110 (Normally €132)


This is a great pack from D8 fitness, with everything from mobility tools to wrist straps. Ideal for those who might be interested in joining the community in January or for those who want to work on their mobility at home.

9. Motivational Poster €15


A lovely stocking filler! Who doesn’t love a good motivational quote to get them going during the winter? I love this one but you could design your own too!

10. SGF Speed Ropes £18-£45

sgf ropes

I use the brand and I can’t recommend it enough! You won’t find a lighter and more durable rope out there, I love mine! The great thing? Every rope is hand made in the UK and custom built to each individuals specification! The ropes can be fully customised too with pictures,images or brand logos, making the present more personal for your buddy!

Bonus Gift

WOD Welder £15


This is a great gift idea for the Crossfitters or Weightlifters in your life! I defo need one anyway, my hands have been compared to knuckles in the past and that’s just not a good look! This pack contains everything needed to keep hands nice and supple. It’s great value so perfect for a Kris Kindle or stocking filler.

Thank you

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list, keep your eyes peeled for more Christmas gift guides over the next couple of weeks. If you can’t wait for them, check out some of my lists from last year.

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8 Gift Ideas for the Foodie

I now bring you my final gift guide and this one is for the foodies in your life. We all know them and they have such particular tastes that it can be difficult to source a unique gift. I always think the best presents are items you really love but wouldn’t buy yourself. Would you agree?

As we’re only a week away from Christmas this last minute gift guide will include items only available in Ireland. ( I swear this isn’t my list for Santa..wink,wink)



1. Kenwood Ice-Cream maker Arnotts €40: Think about it, buy someone an ice-cream maker and you get thanked with delicious frozen treats (win-win) Movie nights will never be the same again with (clean) ice-cream on tap. This is a great price for an ice cream maker, there are more top-end ones available such as the Magimix. But the Kenwood is a perfect option without breaking the bank.



2. Coffee Subscription 3FE €110 for the year: Every month the guys at 3FE pick a different coffee and post it directly. The subscription will come with a newsletter of information that highlights the coffee and its origin. This is a perfect gift for the Coffee Connoisseur in your life.


3. Falcon Enamelware Bake Set Industry €75: A five-piece enamelware bake set in traditional Ice White with Dark Blue edge. This set is timeless and elegant with a rustic feel. Any foodie would be delighted with this addition to their kitchenware. (Hint, Hint)



4. Cooking Guide Apron Designist €22 There is nothing worse than being in the middle of your cooking/baking and realising you don’t have the instructions for your recipe. This apron will have all the information you need, so you won’t need to run to Google.  Guide includes: numeric conversions, cooking times for vegetables, roasting times for birds, freezing instructions, defrosting times, a cooking glossary and more!


5. Spiralizer Juicers.ie €47: These guys are taking orders up to midday on 22nd December.  Every health foodie/ gym bunny needs one of these in the kitchen. All you got to do is place the fruit or vegetable on the spikes, wind the handle while pushing sideways and instantly get beautiful spaghetti, spirals or ribbons-Magic!


7. Gluten Free Cooking Course Cooks Academy €150: I actually did this course myself in February and loved it. It’s a full day 10.00am-4.00pm and it’s very hands on. We made everything from gluten free bread to pizza to chocolate cake. I would recommend it to anyone. If the Gluten Free isn’t the right option there are lots to choose from and the day courses cost from €70-€150.


8. Slated Cheese/Presentation Board Slated.ie €45: These handmade pieces are simply stunning. Hand crafted in Dalkey, Co.Dublin each piece is completely unique, perfect for the foodie friend who loves their cheese. The gift box comes with a Slated Cheeseboard and Stainless Steel Cheese Knife.

So there we have 8 lovely gifts that can be purchased in Ireland. I didn’t include any books as it was hard to choose one, but here are a few I can recommend:

  • The Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit  (A wonderful resource for any foodie)
  • The Extra Virgin Kitchen by Susan Jane White
  • The Happy Pear by David & Stephen Flynn
  • Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo (My bible when I started eating clean)
  • I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson
  • Against All Grain by Danielle Walker
  • Hemsley Hemsley by Jasmine & Melissa Hemsley
  • Save with Jamie/Comfort Food by Jamie Oliver

Happy Christmas Shopping xx


Merry Fit-mas: 8 Fitness gift ideas for men.

So the list for the Gym Bunnies is done, we’re now onto the list for the super-fit men in your life. I went through the web with a fine-tooth comb to bring you some unique (last minute) pressies for the lads, they can be very tough to buy for so I hope this list brings you some inspiration.

lineup-gorilla1. Gorilla Kettlebell €35-€136: For the Crossfitter-You don’t get more bad-ass than this! The Primal kettle bell collection from Onnit is so awesome, this is the very top end one so there are cheaper options available. This is sure to make any man feel like he’s king of the jungle!

Hulk2. Dont Make Me Angry Hulk Mug €15: Great (comical) present for that friend who has a bit of a fiery temper. This mug holds 32 ounces so would be great for Bulletproof coffee drinkers.

Sony3. Sony Waterproof All-in-One MP3 Player €63: Perfect for the runner- This a pretty snazzy & affordable gift-The built-in MP3 player can hold up to 1000 songs and not only is it wireless it is waterproof up to two metres.


4. Thug Kitchen Cookbook  €14: For the chef- A Vegan cookbook with a difference and lots of colourful..Em..Language! This is a book where you don’t have to be strictly vegan, you can adapt the recipes to your diet requirements. It’s worth buying for the health conscious friend in your life as you can be sure they won’t have read anything like this before.


5. Trigger Point Foam Roller €40: Mobility is one of the most important parts of fitness and this brand is the best available. The unique patterns make the experience more like an actual massage (Extra brownie points). The camo print is pretty awesome as-well!



6. Vehement Boxing/MMA Gloves €60: For the Martial Artist-Vehement is the world’s first brand for sustainable fight gear. This new German brand brings these striking wolf print gloves to the market. They are made of 100% Battleskin (durable artificial leather) so are vegan friendly and produced sweatshop free.


7. Indo Board €145-€176: For the Surfers: This Balance Trainer is the most versatile balance board product available in the market today. It was first designed for surf balance training in the 1970’s  but has since become a multifunctional fitness tool. Benefits include increased core strength, leg strength and balance coordination.


8. The GORUCK Bag €156-€300: For the Outdoorsman- On first glance these bags seem very expensive but you will not get a better and more durable bag than the Goruck. Made with special forces- grade materials it comes with a “bombproof” (yep, you read that right!) compartment that holds up to a 15” MacBook Pro or a 1.5 litre hydration bladder. Warning: If purchased you may encourage your man to go on more adventures, now that could be a good or bad thing!!


**Listed prices don’t include P+P


Merry Fit-mas: 8 Gift ideas for the Gym Bunnies.

I cannot believe it’s the first of December already! With less than 4 weeks to get your pressies bought, I thought I’d do a few gift guides to help you out. First up will be the the gift guide for the Gym Bunnies (ladies) in your life, we all know lots of them and while we know they would be delighted to receive a tub of protein there are some more unique and thoughtful presents.

PicMonkey Collage1. The six pack bag €85: The ultimate gym bag, it has storage for 3 meals at the front, storage for bottles or drinks shakers in each of the 4 corners which could also take fruit, protein tubs, water, juice and a multitude of other things. Look out for ISOBAG also as it’s pretty much the same thing.

Manduka Travel mat2. eKO Superlite travel mat €40: For the yogis in your life this would make a beautiful gift. It’s a yoga travel mat that provides superior grip, weighs about 0.9 kg and can be folded to fit easily in small travel spaces! These eco yoga mats are made of biodegradable rubber that won’t fade or flake.

nutribullet-product3.  Nutribullet €109: I think this is going to be top of most peoples lists this year.  Perfect for those with busy lifestyles as they can make their protein smoothies in it, it’s convenient as it’s easy to clean and doesn’t take up any space in the kitchen.

3369628044. Funky gym legging €41/€70: These very unique leggings are for that someone who likes to stand out from the crowd or someone who spends so much time in the gym they may as well wear some amazing leggings! The 2 on the left are from Sara Da Silva who specialise in funky fitness outfits at great prices (€31.50+) The pair on the right are an American brand called Werkshop each per are handcrafted in LA and are so unique and beautiful, they have some stunning artwork leggings and some that made me giggle (Like the kale print)

91-LTRPcJNL._SL1500_5. Fitbook €25: Probably suitable for the gym newbie, this log book will help the individual track their fitness and nutrition goals for 12 weeks.

HFE026. UP24 by Jawbone €129.95: Now this is a gucci present, it’s one of those things where people want it but wouldn’t buy it themselves. It counts how many steps you take each day, how much exercise you get, and includes some wonderful features for monitoring sleep and waking you at the appropriate time in your sleep cycle.

mini-body-washes-large7. Weleda mini body wash set €14.60: This natural body wash set made with natural oils will be perfect for any gym bunny, as the small bottles will fit easily in their gym bags without taking up any room at all.

51PJCqJu2kL8. Fruit Infusing Water Bottle €20: The fruit Infuser water bottle, allows you to add your favourite fruit flavours to water. The holder can also be used to hold other items such as herbal tea bags to make an iced tea.