Primal Piggy: Highlights And Memories 2015

As we come to the end of the year, I love to look back at all the great things that happened throughout the year! When I complied a list last year, it was done with a heavy heart as I lost my Na-Na only weeks before. Something I said last year was: My Na-Na told me I can achieve anything I want and to aways believe in myself. This will be my mantra for 2015 and I dedicate all my future achievements to her! I kept this memory close and great things happened, read on to find out the biggest change I made this year!

  • Interview For FSM RX’d– Being interviewed and training alongside some of my favourite fitness ladies was awesome! I still feel bad for Stephen having to put up with us crazies laughing and screaming at him for hours! Surrounding yourself with strong positive people who inspire you, motivate you and push you to achieve your goals is the true key to success! Thanks for the memory guys!


  • The Waterford Throwdown– I know I put this down last year but it was a highlight for me this year again! It was a real test to see how far I progressed from the previous year and I was delighted with my efforts. This year I could actually do pull ups, my weightlifting had come on heaps and I saw a massive difference in my overall fitness! I love this competition as you get to hang out with amazing people with the same passion.. I’m excited to do it again this year!


  • 80kg Clean– This was definitely one of my favourite moments of 2015. If you saw the video of this achievement you can tell how “happy” I am (ok I lost it!!). It was a number I never thought I would actually hit and has given me a real hunger to compete in a weightlifting competition in the New Year.


  • New Tattoo– Last month me and Mr.PP celebrated our 5 year anniversary by getting tattoos in Berlin (one of our fave cities). We went back to the insanely talented artist Valentin Hirsch and he designed tattoos for us using animals that we felt represented each other- I got a wolf and he got a lioness (blush…)


  • Hello Auntie Aimee– Becoming an auntie again was obviously a huge highlight for me. Mr Finley came into out lives in August and he made everything shine a little brighter. He is our little hero and hopefully one day I can show him how to lift some weights 🙂


  • Social Media Success– This has to be the biggest change in my life and one that I feel I need to pinch myself every so often! It was the biggest risk I’ve ever taken and as someone who has been working from the 17, pretty daunting! In August I left my secure admin job and started an unpaid internship in social media. It’s an industry I am so passionate about and for me this was my stepping stone to get involved! It was the hardest few months of my life as I delved into a completely new world with my only previous experience in SM being this blog! It took a lot of hard-work and I won’t lie even tears, but last month I was asked to join the team, I can happily say I am now a full time social media specialist and am so excited to see what 2016 brings me in this new adventure!


  • Brand Ambassador– I have been engaging with the guys at Love Life Supplements for a quite a while now and I am a huge fan of the products. They work hard to bring us the cleanest, most natural supplements out there and deserve every bit of success for doing so! This year I was over the moon when they took me on board as their first brand ambassador, unlike a lot of companies they really look after me, making sure I am fuelled for training and any competitions. If you haven’t heard about them go check them out, the Primal Protein is fantastic and I have reports from friends who couldn’t tolerate whey, having no trouble with this stuff!


  • Overcoming fears– Even as a kid who spend most of her teenage years doing performing arts, public speaking terrifies me! If I had to sing on front of people? No problem at all but ask me to talk and I crumble! This was something I really wanted to get over so when I was asked by the lovely Kelly Donegan to be part of a fitness panel for a charity event I said yes straight away. It was pretty scary the place was packed with bloggers, presenters, models etc but it was the best place to just go for it, every was lovely and the relaxed setting definitely helped! My second chance was for the Irish Health Bloggers meet up thanks to Fab Giovanetti and this was slightly more scary, I had no panel it was just me and my story. I stood on front of a room of brands and bloggers and made it happen! Watch this space in 2016!

speakingspeaker 2

I could keep adding to this list because there was so many highlights this year! But as I close off I want to thank every single person that continues to support me online and in my personal life, it means so much and gives me the drive to constantly do better! As for 2016…. let’s be having ya!!